[ESX][PAID] Eclipse character creation

Eclipse character editor:
Based on classic gta 5 colors, interactive, cool.
Adapted our Eclipse character creation for ESX (more info in github page)
Source code is present.

Buy ESX Character creation on Tebex for 34.99€


Watch on youtube



if you have any problem/question with this resource - write me

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Are there any required dependencies?

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esx_skin, skinchanger. Check github documentation

The work is magnificent

this looks amazing my server just picked it up ansd im excited to get a character made with it

I’ve purchased the script and added into the server.
Faced some issues where the menu doesn’t show up and my whole screen is locked and stuck in one position.

I think nothing, Just, RageUI, or NativeUI

Love it

Does it support peds?

hey i got a problem from the resource i’m getting this error:
Error: Request failed with status code 404 (@eclipse_cc/data/js/app.02b60567.js:1)

and all the stages in the menu excpet from the last one (clothing customization) aren’t working

Does it work with es_extended v1 final

Should work. Anyway easy to adapt.

So out of the box it useless.
No FAQ on the di5cord or anyway to even ask for help.
Lets hope you will reply seeing how you haven’t to the other person with this issue yet…
@Ka3anow @Douglas4

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It works out of the box on standard ESX.

i guess this is what is called working ??

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Have u managed to get a fix for this yet?


Not yet… Guy above sent me the files he uses but they didnt help. It looks good on paper but for now it seems to be broken and no support as i still have no reply on this thread about it nor does the other guy with the same issue.


Do you have any positive reviews? Does it work fine for someone?