Eclipse character creation

Looks pretty good. Are the menus NUI or native ui?

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its nui

Looks very good, nice job!

Didnt get download link and cant find your Discord?

Tebex should have given you a link to download the module after payment.

encrypted? advanced face customization?

the job is insane !

  1. Yes
  2. Yes

Great job guys, but it will be even better if you add parents names to the menu and give player ability to select character via keyboard or by selecting it with hovering mouse cursor over character. :wink:

Source code is present

does this character creation work on esx?

Yes, using api.

Well done! good job! I’ve never seen anything like this :wink:

anyone used this with modfreaks multicharacter?

esx support avaiable now: [ESX][PAID] Eclipse character creation

ESX - Cant move the camera, faced at the back of the head, after choosing some option sets you as a default dan and leaves you in the char creation area that you cannot walk out of Please advise

FIX #1 Errors: Make sure you put the cc_eclipse in your \resources root not a sub directory.
Still unable to customize ped or use cam

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