[ESX][PAID] Eclipse Editor

Eclipse Editor:
A new beautiful and friendly character editor for your ESX server.

Easy-to-use interactive editor
Easy to translate (1 file with text)
Animated transitions

Buy ESX Eclipse Editor on Tebex for 34.99€


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Design looks pretty simple, but good. Nice release.

LUA or C#?

C# backend, vue.js frontend

Why C# tho🥲

Oh C# then I dont buy it.

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Please move it to LUA, C# have a bad performance.

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do people who have bought the previous one get this one as well?

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I don’t think so, the last one was better anyway :rofl:

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still waiting on the multicharacter to be intergrated into esx from months ago like they had said lol.and then they drop this

One of there team members sent this to me for the multicharacter issue…

"hi, put this event in your system multichar TriggerEvent(‘ECLIPSE:OpenCharacterCreationMenu’)

for open eclipse CC"

Hope this helps

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possible to blacklist cloth parts according cause of emergency clothes etc.

Yes, all the clothes are written in a variable, you can remove unnecessary.

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Compatible with codesign multicharacter? and spawnselect?

you can settings it via trigger events

compitable with renzu clotheshop or other clotheshops, legacy multichar and legacy aswell?

works on 1.1 and 1.2?

Yes. works

Compatible with any multichar system via trigger events