[ESX][PAID] Eclipse Phone

Eclipse Phone v2
Based on Apple Iphone and Samsung Galaxy.
Everything is animated and responsive.
Source code is present.


  • Mumble voice call
  • Send Messages
  • Police App (support esx_policejob)
  • Ambulance App
  • Taxi App
  • Weazel News App
  • Weather App
  • Radio App
  • Youtube App
  • Selfie camera
  • Bleeter
  • Dark chat
  • Yellow pages

New features 07.11.21:

  • Improved performance and optimization
  • Redesign Taxi app
  • New Mechanic app
  • New Fleeca bank app
  • Added phone selection in settings (You can add your own, knowing only css and html)
  • Available IPhone 12, IPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
  • Added ability to change profile picture
  • When using Samsung, the design changes to Android: icons, app sizes, bottom menus.

New Taxi app:

  • The user can call a cab to his position, and a destination call is also available.
  • A list of all calls is available to the cab driver.
  • Cab drivers can take and cancel calls.
  • Cab drivers see customer data, their location, their desired route, the distance of the route, the distance to the customer.
  • Also shows the area of the city where the customer is and the area of the destination.

New Mechanic app:

  • Players can call a mechanic to their position and add a message.
  • A call list is available to mechanics.
  • Mechanics can accept and cancel calls.
  • Mechanics see the client’s position, the distance to them, their message.

New Fleeca bank app:

  • The ability to see the balance of the phone.
  • The ability to transfer money to another person by phone number.

Buy ESX Eclipse Phone v2 on Tebex for 49.99€


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Yoooooo!! Good job, guys!

Phone pphone?

Yay, another phone for 50 €! Milk this game!


Nice phone but kin ell, thats a heft price tag 65Euros

It has a lot more functionality, plus we will constantly add professions with support for this phone.

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no twitter?

An analogue of Twitter and Instagram is under development.

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I think… the crew phone wrote this too… :smiley:

Is this encrypted?


Source code is present.

is the phone setup to be an item?

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No, but it’s easy to adapt to any inventory by adding a check to see if the phone is in the inventory (we can advise with this)


will be following, not interested yet. But with some future APPS ill be sold, good work. Looks solid

Phone looks decent but for sure needs some development to even match with some free phones. These are my suggesstions @Ka3anow

  • Needs to come with item checks to make it require an item
  • Needs to come with Twitter, and/or instagram
  • Needs to come with a garage app that lets you track where your cars are at!
  • Needs Yellow pages for businesses and promotions
  • Would be cool to have a command that is /ping to ping your friends to your location IF they have the item phone
  • Would be nice to have a command that is /number that would give your phone number to the ID of the player that you want

If it came with these functions this would be the fastest 65+ EUROs I would spend on FiveM


I agree with this.

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This can already be done, for a specific inventory system

Under construction

Interesting idea

Weazel News App has a similar functionality

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Easy to connect to SaltyChat?

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If you put videocall functionality, I will buy it

Yes, a few lines of code