Envi-Sabotage V2 - Realistic Sabotage Tools! - [PAID] [ESX/QB/QBOX/OX-CORE/CUSTOM]

Embark on a whole new level of sabotage with our Advanced Tools and Sabotage System V2! Bring a whole new world of chaos or admin-abuse with a realistic twist!

Available now at: https://envi-scripts.tebex.io/

:fire: What’s New in V2? :fire:

:small_blue_diamond: New Bomb: SPEED BOMB - Inspired by the hit movie! DON’T SLOW DOWN!
:small_blue_diamond: New Tool: Screwdriver - Mess up the electrics of the vehicle and cause it to cut out!
:small_blue_diamond: Breakable Tools - Set individual chances for all tools to break when used!
:small_blue_diamond: Completely re-written and optimized to 0.00ms - Faster, smoother, and more efficient!
:small_blue_diamond: Animation Exports - Use our unique animations in other scripts with our new exports!
:small_blue_diamond: A Deeper Config with More Open Functions - Customize with ‘FuelExport’ and ‘OnFireStarted’ options!
:small_blue_diamond: More Repair Options - Now allows Multiple Mechanic Jobs! Tighten those nuts back up!

:star2: Updated and Re-written Features :star2:

:small_blue_diamond: 8 Different Tools as Usable Items - equip the right tool for the job to unlock target options!
:small_blue_diamond: Cut Brakes - grab the Pliers and snip snip!
:small_blue_diamond: Fuel Sabotage - use your Drill to make gas tanks leak and potentially explode!
:small_blue_diamond: Loosen Wheel Nuts - use the Spanner to loosen those wheels and have them falling off at high speeds!
:small_blue_diamond: Remove Wheels - equip the Impact Driver and remove wheels on any vehicle!
:small_blue_diamond: Sabotage Controls - grab your Adjustable Spanner and really mess that car up!
:small_blue_diamond: Remove Doors - assemble your Buzz Saw and get those doors off! Great for rescue situations!
:small_blue_diamond: Arson - start fires anywhere and torch vehicles! - Torched vehicles will have the plate removed!
:small_blue_diamond: 4 Types of Car-Bombs - go out with a bang! Place the bombs on the vehicle engines. Ignition Bombs, Remote Bombs, and Impact Bombs!
:small_blue_diamond: FULLY Configurable - easily turn any features on or off!
:small_blue_diamond: Configurable Mini-Games - swap out your minigames easily in the config! (ox_lib by default)
:small_blue_diamond: Exports - use the tools in your other scripts with our easy exports!

Don’t miss out on the ultimate sabotage script! Grab V2 today and take your Server’s excitement to the next level!

Code is accessible No (open bridge) - Open Also Available
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~ 2500
Requirements ox_lib, framework, target
Support Always!

really great script, keep going man!

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sabotage is a really good and great script that you really want to have in your server, highly recommended, just like chopshop v2 envi meth. all his scripts are good.

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Appreciate the kind words and feedback! Plenty more on the horizon! :smiley:

Allow me to introduce you to a true beacon of talent and dedication among developers: Envi. With his newly crafted “Sabotage Script,” he’s completely revolutionizing the gaming experience and offering a unique contribution to the Fivem community.
Envi is a name known for his unwavering commitment and passion for his craft. In every script he produces, you can see the meticulous attention to detail and the sheer dedication he pours into his work. From the moment you engage with his creations, it’s evident that you’re in the hands of a true master of his craft.
What truly sets Envi apart is not just his technical prowess, but his unparalleled support and engagement with the community. He goes above and beyond to ensure that his users not only have access to top-notch scripts but also receive the assistance they need to make the most out of their gaming experience. His responsiveness and willingness to address user concerns are a testament to his commitment to excellence.
But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Envi’s work is the sheer uniqueness of his creations. The “Sabotage Script” is a prime example of his ability to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible within the Fivem platform. With its immersive gameplay mechanics and attention to realism, it’s no wonder that users are singing its praises.

In conclusion, Envi is not just a developer; he’s a visionary who is shaping the future of gaming on the Fivem platform. His dedication, support, and knack for innovation make him a true asset to the community, and I eagerly anticipate what he’ll come up with next. If you haven’t already experienced the magic of his scripts, I highly recommend diving in and seeing for yourself the difference that Envi brings to the table.

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great work :heart:

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Been using the V1 from a while now and V2 gonna be huge. So here is a story happened in my server by a player.

During a parade of police, all the cars were stopped and stored in garage. The garage was sadly left open with all the cars locked. Our player (Tim) had a genius idea. Pull up the biggest heist ever made that day. He made sure that every car didn’t have brake anymore, and if they crash that their wheels goes out especially the two front to avoid turning.

This day Tim and his crew made almost 1M$ during that heist. Tim is a genius, he like Tim.

Envi scripts are not only a way to expand your roleplay but all of his scripts are just the right thing to enhance roleplay.

So if you hesistate getting any of his scripts remember: How can you mess up someone indirectly and have tons of fun while doing it ?

Answer is : Envi Sabotage !

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nice work bro <3

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v1 was amazing, v2 is amazing². Keep it up, even you literally just want me to spend all my monopolly money on you <3

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In one word - Perfection. :saluting_face:

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One of the realistic scripts I ever seen. With the many different ways to sabotage it‘s a very great idea and the quality work. I love it :heart:

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I definitely enjoy this script! Amazing keep the scripts coming!

there is nothing to talk about on Envi scripts always a high quality this man deserves everything

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