dpClothing+ (1.0.3) Clothing Variations and Toggles (Gloves, Vest, Top, Hair, Bag and more)



GUI Showcase.

Installation Instructions:

  • Add dpclothing to your server.cfg (make sure the resource folder is named dpclothing, or whatever you wanna rename it to)
  • Make sure you are running the latest version of the fivem server artifact.

start dpclothing


Press (Y) to pull up the GUI, Or alternatively use the following commands:

/bag		(Variants)
/bracelet	(Toggle)
/ear		(Toggle)
/glasses	(Toggle)
/gloves		(Variants)
/hair		(Variants)
/hat		(Toggle)
/mask		(Toggle)
/neck		(Toggle)
/pants		(toggle)
/shirt		(Toggle) (Also takes off gloves)
/shoes		(Toggle)
/top 		(Variants)
/visor		(Variants)
/watch		(Toggle)
/revertclothing    (Simply puts every saved item back on)
/bagoff     (Toggle)
/clothingexit (if menu gets stuck open)

Variant ones change the way your equipped clothes look, and the toggle one puts on / takes off.

If you are using this on a roleplaying server, or just a server where people change their models/clothing somewhat often,
Please use the included TriggerEvent(“dpc:EquipLast”) when the player enters clothing stores/barber shop/using an outfit.
It will help with people for example doing /hair then going into a clothing store and saving, then doing /hair again it reverts and they’ve wasted money at the store.


For the Configuration you have some stuff you can mess with in Client/Config.lua
It’s all described in there but you can change the language and some GUI stuff.
I’ve tried to comment on as much code as possible, so modifications should be easy.

To add/change variants you can check Client/Variations.lua.
If you are for example using EUP or custom haircuts you might wanna go in here and change stuff around to fit your custom content.
It’s pretty simple and all explained in Variations.lua.
Put Config.Debug to true, to get an overview of the id’s your character is currently wearing.

Final Notes:

Theres included localization, i just used an online tool to translate to some other languages.
(If you’re downloading 1.0 these translations might not be perfect)
If you wanna help with translations make a pull request or just dm me.


“How do i change the /command name?” - Locale/Language.lua - en.lua is the default. Change lines that are in ALLCAPS.

1.0.1 Added a reset button to quickly put everything back on.
1.0.2 Added /bagoff, with button.
1.0.3 Added option to toggle the menu instead of hold, minor changes including rotation when pushing some buttons, minor texture changes and 2 more events.





Looks great, thank you very much.


Fire ‎‎‎‎


Looks amazing! Great work as always!


Sweet! Now I can take my gloves off when I choke people!


Amazing, u can add an option to take off all for easy sex Mode Kappa

its nice but when someone hit you you can’t put your hat back on

Very cool. This will work great for me since all my clothing is addon and I’m not replacing anything :slight_smile:

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nice! great job man! :open_mouth:


Think i’ve got something in mind to kinda save/favorite a currently equipped hat.
If not, you could alternatively just disable the /hat and /glasses in this resource and use whatever you were before.

DisableControlAction not working, my ped shooting or fight, and mouse cursor move

Should be fixed now, grab latest from git.

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Good Job … working very nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks!, You can also make the ped remove weapons when putting on clothes.
But here I’ll make it myself is not difficult.

Nice gg <3

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Very nice release :bomb:

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Warning: Resource dpclothing-master does not specify an fx_version in fxmanifest.lua.
Couldn't start resource dpclothing-master.

Why?, in fxmanifest.lua u have this
fx_version 'bodacious' game 'gta5' author 'dullpear' version '1.0.0' description 'dpClothing+'


Beautiful. Pure perfection. :drooling_face:

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On my server when locale is changed from english to any other that buttons in gui don’t turn blue when pressed. Am I doing something wrong or?

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