BulgaR WeaponShop (ESX)

A WeaponShop in which you can buy weapons, accessories, ammunition, weapon license (U can add whatever u want).

The script can work with the “esx_license” script, everything can be easily enabled or disabled in the config.

We can also put an NPC behind the shop counter in the script, this can be disabled or enabled in the config as well.

We can turn on discord logs that show all user actions like: Buy.

The code is not complicated, and everything is easy to edit, so anyone should be able to read and edit it.

If you have any problems, I can always help you - just contact me via discord.

Full Preview:


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@BulgaR - Created most of the script.

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UPDATE: New Price Tebex

UPDATE: Performance/Optimization

SCRIPT UPDATE 21.05.2021

  • NUI Fixes
  • Added Debug Command “/nuifix”
  • Update “config.lua” file

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UPDATE 18.08.2021

  • Added discord logs that show all user actions. / Can be enabled in config.lua
  • Rewritten server.lua. / Easier to configure
  • Added support for New and Old ESX version.
  • Fixed the display of the menu for players with 2560x1440 (1440p) resolution.

HOTFIX 26.08.2021

  • Fixed weapon clip issues
  • Fixed database issues

UPDATE 01/09/2021

  • Better display name in notifications when u buy accessories.

Before the script was using item database name (name), now u can set custom display name like u do it in database (label).

UPDATE 22.09.2021

  • Added “Config.LimitWeapons”

If u can’t carry more of the same weapon (e.g. two AK) then set this “true”.

UPDATE 05.01.2022

  • Slider has been added to the menu.
  • Menu style improvements.
  • Small script code improvements.