BulgaR Weapon Theory Test (ESX)

BulgaR Weapon Theory Test (ESX)

Theoretical gun license test, answer the questions correctly and pass the test.


  • Easy to setup PREVIEW
  • Easy to setup the test, all questions and answers in one file.
  • Included 10 Questions in Polish and English with answers. [PL PREVIEW] / [EN PREVIEW]
  • Tablet animation when doing the test.
  • Possibility to purchase a license after passing the exam, or you can use the (Extension Link) given below.
  • Possibility to set an examiner NPC.
  • Fully optimized.
  • More in preview…

Extensions (This is not included):

QBCore Version for the Weapon Theory Test:

Full Preview
YouTube :point_left:

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esx_dmvschool - We have used this script as an inspiration for weapon theory test.


You sure that you made the whole resource yourself?

I spent some time on this script… So yes im sure what kind of question is that lol?

Dear, I respect your work, but what is different about you? At first glance I think it is a modified esx_dmvschool

There is a reason i have added that. The difference u can see in preview…

I liked your idea, small modification and it is quite useful. Thanks!

So u don’t like it? :frowning:

Great script, ridiculous price. Could literally just take DMV School test, change the questions and make it trigger when buying a weapons license.

Then don’t buy it. I am not forcing anyone to do anything.

There are credits to “esx_dmvschool” so you didn’t Discover America that it was inspired by this script.

I don’t know what such comments are for.

The price is not high, i put my work into it and its not just copy paste…

You judge the script by image…

You people are crazy… in the music every sound already has been played? does that mean the composer stole someone’s song using the same sounds? There is also something like inspiration .Programming is like math … if you use publicly available formulas it means you stole someone else’s work to calculate your tax for an example? this script was commissioned by me and I asked for something that I have not found anywhere else, a complete solution that would satisfy me when it comes to combining theory and practice under a shooting license. I am a shooter in real life. The questions that will be included there are also taken from real exams. I was in the process of creating from start to finish so give it a rest :wink:

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“don’t like it, don’t buy it” - Simple is that…
And if you can do something like that, do it and don’t waste time on comments. Not everyone is even experienced in modifying other scripts.

Here you have nice graphics, style and support for the shooting range + great help from the author.

No offense to you, but this is an open community where people are welcome to share their opinions.
I do like it, in fact I stated that in my original post… but it is not worth $17.99, plain and simple.
Every single day the FiveM Paid Releases forum gets more and more convoluted with people reinventing the wheel for money, (often times poorly). A lot of us have seen it happening more and more every week since it first started back around 5-6 months ago.

Don’t get upset because someone suggests that you should lower your price. It’s not like I came on to your post and said that your script sucks. It just isn’t worth $17.99.

Thank you for the price suggestions, but I have the right to set my price, which in my opinion is small compared to the work that i have put into the script.

Everyone says how simple it is, etc. I haven’t seen such a script so i decided to add it here because I created it for one of my client and decided to share it here for a price.

I completely understand that you have the right to set your own price. You are absolutely right about that. Similarly, we as consumers have the right to provide our opinions and feedback.

I understand that people have the right to their opinion, but most of the comments here are about the same thing, namely that the script is based on another existing one. Yes it is, that’s why I gave credit to the author because I was inspired by him, so I don’t understand the point you are making. People write that you can edit the script and have a similar effect… Yes, you can, but first, you have to want to do it and what is more important be capable of doing it. Additionally, of course, you have to come up with an script idea first.

My criticism isn’t because they are similar scripts (even though they really are, I mean look at the progress bar at the bottom). I understand that DMV school’s test was your inspiration. The price is really the only problem with it. I see you dropped it down a dollar, which is awesome, but at about $10.99 it would actually be worth a purchase.

I only get part of the amount given on tebex. In this case, it is about $11, the rest goes to tebex + national tax. I don’t want to do low prices so much because of script leaks. If tebex / fivem offer a solution to it in future, the prices will probably be lower. At the moment, I have many satisfied customers, so I do not need to cut down on the price. However, it will probably be lowered when it sells out nicely or will have a low amount of customers.

Responding to the progress bar, this is a ready-made function from the Internet, everyone can have one.

I think there is nothing to discuss more atm, we can chat on priv if you want.

Create a new fking ui. You keep using the same design for everything.

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I have already done style changes for given servers. Just ask.
Many creators stick to their style. I don’t know what’s wrong with that. When making a server, you also stick to a given color style.


  • New price to make everyone happy…