BulgaR Weapon Theory Test (QBCore)

BulgaR Weapon Theory Test (QBCore)

Theoretical gun license test, answer the questions correctly and pass the test.


  • Easy to setup.
  • Easy to setup the test, all questions and answers in one file.
  • Included 10 Questions in Polish and English with answers. [PL PREVIEW] / [EN PREVIEW]
  • Tablet animation when doing the test.
  • Possibility to purchase a weapon license after passing the exam at cityhall.
  • Possibility to set an examiner NPC.
  • Fully optimized.
  • You have access to the client side code and config files ( Server Side is secured with [Cfx’s Asset Escrow system] ).
  • More in preview…

ESX Version:

Server Version 4752 or Above !
QBCore Framework

[FiveM Asset Escrow System]
Script is protected using Cfx’s Asset Escrow system, u can still edit the most important parts of the script and ofc config files.

Full Preview
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esx_dmvschool - We have used this script as an inspiration for weapon theory test UI.

You can’t be serious :smiley: