BulgaR Job Center (ESX)

Job Center is a place where you can get a job.


  • Jobs are not included, you must provide your own.
  • If we have the right interior, we can of course use it as a Job Center.
  • We can have multiple job centers if we want.
  • We can add NPC’s in the job center if we want and add animations to them.

The script code is not complicated, we can easily edit it to add new jobs or remove them, so everyone should be able to manage.

If you have any problems, I can always help you - just contact me via discord.

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Cool release, but 15 dollars? It’s a lot, neither am I a fan of paid resources… Nonetheless good job

The price is 10.99 i only get like 7-8. The rest is TAX from ur country.

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UPDATE 01/09/2021

  • Better display name in notifications when u get a job.

Now u can set custom job display name in notifications.