BulgaR BlackMarket (ESX) - [Buy/Sell Weapons/Items/More][Random Locations]

BlackMarket is a place where you can sell or buy illegal Weapons/Items/Other (You can add whatever you want).

We can determine whether an Weapon/Item/Other can be only sold or only bought, or even both (You can see it in the preview).

There is an NPC who buys or sells Weapons/Items/Others from us, which has a nice animation.

We can turn on an additional NPC, who sells informations about the current location of the market.

We can turn on discord logs, which show the current locations of the market, complete with a nice picture and description. → Preview

We can turn on additional discord logs that show all user actions like: Buy/Sell/Other. → Preview

The script can work with New and Old version of ESX, everything can be easily enabled or disabled in the config.

The script code is not complicated, we can easily edit it to add new weapons/items or remove them, so everyone should be able to manage.

Additional Informations:

  • Items are not included, you must provide your own. / The one we used in the script are just examples
  • We can have multiple informators if we want. / Easy to add in config.lua
  • There is 5 random BlackMarket locations, u can add more if u want with a small script edit.
  • Market location changes witch every server restart or plugin restart.
  • We can use black_money or normal money → Configurable

Full Preview
YouTube :point_left:

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Hey, I don’t wanna sound mean but like why do you use literally the same design for everything?

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I use this style in most of my scripts and I don’t see anything wrong with it … Many creators do the same. Apart from a similar menu style, all my scripts are different.

nice script

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would be cool to be able to have a random location for the informant like the market location

I will think about it in future updates. At the moment the informant can be changed in config or u can add more of them :slight_smile:

UPDATE 17.08.2021

can we see an example of the config.lua

What exactly do you want to know? PM ME :slight_smile:

UPDATE 01/09/2021

  • Better display name in notifications when u buy/sell items.

Before the script was using item database name (name), now u can set custom display name like u do it in database (label).

UPDATE 18/09/2021

  • Fixed Animations not working for some players

UPDATE 22.09.2021

  • Added “Config.LimitWeapons”

If u can’t carry more of the same weapon (e.g. two AK) then set this “true”