All the game modes that exist for FiveM

Hi there everyone!

I’d like to try to create a comprehensive list of gamemodes that are available for FiveM. I’m going to keep the OP updated with what I find, whether it be RELEASE, WIP or ABANDONED. Any suggested additions, alterations or removals would be most welcome. I’ll add video or images for the gamemodes if I can get them running.

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WTF / Other



uh, did i miss something?

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I have no idea. What is your post in reference to?

note that the

on the RottenV:R topic is sarcastic, RottenV:R is a zombie survival gamemode, not roleplay.

Sorry for not catching the sarcasm in the topic. I’ll move it to zombie.

Browsing Github’s offerings and will be adding gamemodes as I find them.

First round of additions:

I’m tired of all the media portraying roleplay gamemodes as the entire FiveM experience.


~Donald J. Trump


Added Airport wars:

I wonder what it takes to actually get devs interested in creating new gameplay types. I cant seem to do it. Everyone is just making RP servers (or MAYBE a zombie or race server)

should make something new and different

your gamemode is incompleted why?no sql?no mission?nathing why u release this?LOL

I agree most of fivem servers are roleplay like there isn’t enough of them already…

What game modes do people want to see I’ve been wanting to do something outside of rp for awhile now

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Open Source Project: 5M Cops and Robbers
FiveM Forum: [Open Source] 5M: Cops n' Robbers (5MCNR) - Reopened!

Version as of the time of this posting is V0.1ea (Early Access/Pre-Alpha)
(NOTE: Gamemode has been re-opened)

I have some questions will these game modes work with free roam or will they change the game completely or do players have to join the game mode through a menu or press a command to start the game mode and how many game modes can we add to a server