[EssentialMode 4] [FXServer] es_rp | _The_ Roleplay Gamemode [Beta-ish or so]


Description: Well i’ve been working on this for a while but it probably has some issues, anyway this is kind of a roleplay gamemode which doesn’t rely on anything. You can add things that you like however.

My Discord: https://discord.gg/0lsnMcbAi2DyTKxf

Installation: Drag & Drop it into your resources and append “start es_rp” to your server configuration. Make sure EssentialMode 4 is working correctly.


  • Police system, jail, cuff that sorta thing
  • Interactions menu, default key is M but it assigned to INPUT_INTERACTION_MENU
  • EMS system which features reviving
  • Paychecks
  • Easily create jobs in jobs.lua
  • Harvesting, processing and selling of resources. Add your own or use the ones already there
  • Actions which also has emotes, check server/chat.lua
  • ID system which shows your ID to people around you
  • Search people for illegal contraband and it removes them aswell
  • Weapon stores, an illegal and legal one. Change as you wish
  • Jail which you can’t escape from
  • Job office to easily select jobs without hassle
  • Neat inventory UI which also allows you to remove items
  • Almost no commands at all, just interactions

Regarding help: If you find actual issues you can of course make a report about it, I will also answer proper questions where I can give a full answer to. Stuff like: “How to install?”, “How to change UI colours”, “Where to get FXServer?” etc. will not be answered.

Contains: The download also includes a modified version of Simple Banking for EssentialMode 4, it looks a bit different but change the looks however you wish. Some things do rely on it, like your paychecks go to the bank.


Download: https://kanersps.pw/files/es_rp.zip


For job garages to properly work you need the new es_admin that comes with EssentialMode 4


Good work like always!

How to change UI colors?


Great Job Mate #RPRevolution

how do i the database!!!


Where to get fx server


very nice work :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

is this the final version? (nevermind, didnt read the beta-ish part)

I have some suggestions that i find essential on RP, the ability to buy houses, and spawn on them, preferably with a garage system…

I would do this myself, if i could script, and the apartments script posted on the forum works with mysql.

Nice job, i will use this on my second server, thanks

I will fix bugs and maybe one day add new things but they will probably serve as addons so you can modify this all you wish and still use the addons. Not sure tho.


Works fine, good Job ! Honor Kanersps <3

How do you get the jobs working?

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awee wish your character customization was in here liked advance rp dump.

just to clarify this is es_rp it does not come with essentialsmode4, and WILL NOT work with 3.2.3 correct?

It’s made for es4 as that version is updated for fxserver. And es4 can be downloaded from the essentialmode topic.

Could We Have An Image Of The UI?

Almost all of the stuff there is in this, although most of the UI there is incorrect as it has since been updated to be 99% clicky

Holy crap dude, nice work!

Looks like a sexier version of V-RP. We might switch from V-RP when completed! Cause that looks amazing

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It’s done probably, don’t feel like doing more. Everything is made by me and all ideas were thought of in the internal dev team. I think it’s enough

Kane once FX is pushed to everyone I’ll try this out and give feedback but just wanted to show some support. Your projects are awesome.