[Release][Dunko vRP V6.7 - FX Server] UPDATED 18/04/2018 - Supports 15 languages - Zap Hosting 10% DISCOUNT!

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Version 6.5: 05/01/2018
  • Changed Menu Layout
  • Added lock car back, press U to lock/unlock your car
  • Fixed Ammo “Money Glitch”
  • Fixed Driving Licence & Medical Weed blips
  • General improvements (this covers things I’ve added and forgot to list :P)
  • Removed Trucker Job
  • Added Santa mission
  • Added Santa cloakroom & vehicle
  • Added Santa job role - This is admin only and has to be given by adding the role “Santa”
  • Added further mission translation
  • Added vrp_truckerjob
  • Added Cargo Pilot job & mission
  • Added Airline Pilot job
  • Added Mouse for the menu
  • Added additional blips for Cargo, Nite Club, Bank Driver, Club, Beach Bar & Blue Airlines
  • Added vrp_slotmachine
  • Added Hacker & lawyer job blips
  • Added vrp_barrier
  • Added BrockALPR (numpad 5 to activate) - Credit @Brock70
  • Added Realistic Vehicle Failure (last minute addition, needs further testing) - Credit @jens_s
  • Temp removed Thirst & Hunger, trying to revamp this
Version 6.6: 19/02/2018
  • Added Finnish translation - Thanks @Baavoz

  • Added vrp_barrier cop/ems permissions

  • Added Chinese translation

  • Added vrp_chopshop

  • Added Trash Collection job - server owners need to add their own trash locations in vrp/cfg/item_transformers.lua

  • Added Judge role - this is an admin selected role only

  • Added Forger job

  • Added K9 script (Left ALT + Z to open menu) - Credit @xander1998

  • Added death spawn location, change in cfg/player_state.lua

  • Added more EMS roles, similar to the way PD is ran

  • Added driving licence as a seizable item for Police

  • Added Police mission

  • Added EMS mission

  • Added vrp_ubermission - Press DEL to start

  • Added ability to walk whilst hands are up

  • Added warmenu

  • Added vrp_dvcar

  • Added vrp_carfix

  • Added more houses/garages up north

  • Added mission translations

  • Added Extras 1 and 2 to the clothes shop - this is for belts to change (i.e. cops)

  • Added modified version of vrp_hotkeys

  • Added F1 = Open Admin Menu (WIP) - This will show empty to those who don’t have admin perms

  • Added F2 = Opens Police Menu (WIP) - This will show empty to those who don’t have police perms

  • Added Drag / Cuff / Fine / Jail / Spikes to F2 menu for quick access

  • Added Blips permission to cops/ems (F1 > Blips) - this will show all users on your minimap

  • Changed Credit Cards to Stolen Credit Cards - this is to avoid people trying to say the cards are thiers

  • Changed the style menu, reverted from the tron style and made it look better

  • Changed the menu to be inside a phone

  • Changed lock car hotkey to F3

  • Changed it now allow menu use whilst in a coma due to the fact you can now call an ambulance/revive without it

  • Set correct paycheck amount in groups

  • Set correct death notification as you can now revive by pressing E if no EMS are online

  • Fixed max length issue with some MySQL setups - this should stop @registration errors

  • Fixed map blips for jobs, Drug Dealer etc

  • Fixed Cargo Pilot job - you can now collect Cargo

  • Fixed Plane & Helicopter garages (for Cargo/Airline pilot) map blips

  • Fixed gathering, it should no longer ever be empty

  • Disabled FiveM userlist

  • Disabled Santa job

  • Disabled Admin God Mode due to bugs

  • Updated the mission texts for all jobs which have them, it now tells them exactly what to do and how

  • Updated F5 & F6 keys to Num+ and Num- so they work in police cars

  • Updated Advanced Fuel and enabled petrol cans, it also no longer uses cents

  • Updated the installation instructions on how to change mission text language

  • Modified Luxvehcontrol so backspace and UP don’t interfere with menus

  • Hot Keys Added: - Change keys via vrp/hotkeys/hotkeys.lua or vrp_hotkeys

  • F1 = Open Admin Menu (WIP*)

  • F2 = Open Police Menu (WIP*)

  • F3 = Lock/Unlock Car

  • HOME = Show User List

  • WIP = Work in Progress
Version 6.7: 18/04/2018

**Note: For all languages other than EN & RO you will need to go into vrp/cfg/lang/en.lua and copy lines 426-429 to your language file and translate it.

Also in vrp_basic_mission/cfg/lang/en.lua copy lines 31-34 to your language file and translate it.**

  • Removed vRP Ping Time Out
  • Updated MySQL Async to version 2.1.1
  • Updated Blista price (fixed an exploit)
  • Removed @ symbol in front of some admin menu additions
  • Added Paychecks to now have pictures
  • Paychecks will now go directly into a players bank
  • Added Mafia job, garage, paycheck and gunshop
  • Set max fine to 100k and max jail time to 60 minutes
  • Added Deputy cloakrooms to Sandy & Paleto
  • Added Job Vehicle garages that where missing (Lawyer, UBER, Mechanic, Fisher, Bank Driver, Medical Weed, Delivery)
  • Updated the Menu - this will now work dynamically on most resolutions (between 720-1080p tested)
  • Update for GUI, where the hunger bar and thirst bar have been modified and rearranged exactly as in GrandTheftAuto V. (The GUI is responsive on the standardized resolutions such as 4:3, 16:9, 21:9)
  • Now the bar of hunger and thirst bar will be in another logic. If you are hungry or thirsty the bar will be at 0, and if it is not it will be full.
  • Update for vRP_AdvancedFuel, changes have been made to notifications and, to the graphical interface for this resource to look better.
  • Added the ability to sell the nearest owned car to another player by ID.
  • Added a job called UPS ( courier type ) where you have to harvest the boxes before you go to addresses to deliver them. (With job vehicle, job uniform)
  • Added more houses in the pack.
  • Amended some cars which are now blacklisted such as Rhino and other Non-RP vehicles.
  • Fixed Romanian language for Base Framework.
  • Fixed vRP_basic_mission Romanian Language.
  • Added a fix for the new function to sell a car to a player into the menu. (K > Vehicle > Sell To Player)


Make sure you are the first person to connect to the server, as the first person who connects will get full admin powers.

My Mixer: http://www.mixer.com/DunkoPlays - Here you can watch me play FiveM, code amongst other things, there are previous videos you can watch for coding also.

Hey guys, first and foremost I’d like to credit the original content:

The original: [Release] vRP Framework
The version I used to further edit: [vRP Framework]-[Psycho Edited - FX 3.5]-[23/07/17]
Some of the police cars: [Release] Captain14's ELS Style Car Packs
MySQL A-Sync: [Release] MySQL Async Library - 3.3.0

This version also includes vehicles & police uniforms that are already already in the .rar file, they are in separate folders so you will need to add them to start in your server.cfg also.


There are jobs/missions already in the file, they are: -

  • Uber - People can call one via the K menu and if there is a taxi online, they can accept the call out and be directed to the persons location via GPS. Also has an AI taxi mission, start by pressing DEL.

  • Bank Driver - Your job is to deliver the bank money in a security van to a specific location. This money isn’t robable.

  • Police - You can give this job by K > Admin > Add Group menu (name = cop)

  • EMS - You can give this job by K > Admin > Add Group menu (name = ems)

  • Drug Dealer - This is the job needed to harvest and create cocaine/weed.

  • Hacker - This job hacks into peoples accounts and gives you credit cards which you go on to sell.

  • Mechanic - This job is the only job who can buy repair kits and repair vehicles via the K menu. This job also has an AI mission involved were you can fix things around the map for cash.

  • Delivery Driver - This job is exactly what it says on the tin, your job is to drive around, collect what’s requested and drop it off at a random house.

  • Lawyer - For those who want to RP as a lawyer to help those… criminals… get out of a hot spot.

  • Bounty Hunter - This role is similar to a police officer, police use bounty hunters to find high value targets that are eluding them.

  • Exotic Car Dealer - This is a permission only role, has access to a garage to sell cars, it’s meant to replicate a car dealer.

  • Weapons Smuggler - Smuggle AK47’s and M4A1’s!

  • Fisherman - Maybe you’ll find a Magikarp?

  • Medical Delivery Driver - Deliver Medical Weed to the Hospital.

  • Cargo Pilot - Deliver the much needed Cargo.

  • Airline Pilot - Fly people to their destinations.

  • Forger - Get credit cards off hackers and exchange them for fake ID’s

  • Trash Collector - You know the score

  • UPS - Deliver the parcels


GET A SERVER THROUGH ZAP HOSTING WITH 10% DISCOUNT CODE: Dunko — Click the banner below! They offer a 1 click install of my pack, no messing about with databases or manually installing the files, 1 click and you’re ready to go! Rated 5/5 on Trust Pilot! https://www.trustpilot.com/review/zap-hosting.com

GET A SERVER THROUGH ZAP HOSTING WITH 10% DISCOUNT CODE: Dunko — Click the banner above! They offer a 1 click install of my pack, no messing about with databases or manually installing the files, 1 click and you’re ready to go! Rated 5/5 on Trust Pilot! https://www.trustpilot.com/review/zap-hosting.com

Windows/Linux/VPS/Local Machine: https://youtu.be/zrqF7mej-50

Game Host: https://youtu.be/btSlP48nZGU

PD has been updated this version, you will have to make sure you have the permission “cop” and then go select your role/job title inside the ALTA PD office.

Now with Français/Italiano/Deutsche/Português/Pусский/Lietuvių/Dansk/العربية/Polskie/Español/Svenska/Suomalainen/中文/
Română translations! (15 languages in total)

  1. Download: https://github.com/DunkoUK/dunko_vrp
    READ ME: Version 6.7 has a server.cfg inside, I recommend using this one and then adding your custom mods (if any) to it, this way you won’t mess things up.

  2. Copy the folders INSIDE MASTER to your FXServer/Resources folder. DO NOT COPY THE MASTER FOLDER ITSELF.

  3. Copy server.cfg & Start_Server.cmd to your main FXServer folder.

  4. Go to vrp/cfg/base.lua and enter your database details.

  5. (Optional) Whilst in vrp/cfg/base.lua go to line 25 and change “en” to your language.

  6. (Optional) Go to vrp_basic_mission/cfg/missions.lua line 4 change “en” to your language

  7. Go to server.cfg and enter your database details. Game Host Only: Make sure you put your IP & port in the top of the server.cfg x2.

  8. Whilst in server.cfg go to line 118 and set your server name, make sure it’s inside the quotations.

  9. Whilst in server.cfg go to line 148 and enter your server key, you can get one from here.

  10. Open Start_Server.cmd with Notepad++ and put in the directory you have your server in.


You can view what’s in the pack by direct connecting here:


Full list of FAQ’s and explanation of what’s inside the pack is here: FAQ’s / How To’s


Dunko is sexy as heck


Everytime I install, I get an error when I join, Something about a Legacy servers are not allowed with this version of fivem, update blah blah blah. I have the most recent version. I even went and checked, redownloaded the most recent and tried again, still. However, it doesnt give me this error when I stop the resource VRP while leaving the rest enabled. Any ideas?


Same issue here as well.

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Are you in the dunko discord? We have a section showing how to fix this issue.

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Found the error. I hadn’t got everything drug over yet.

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Dunko me and my friend are trying to config your frame , everything is working fine but for some reason the drug seller doenst work , we go to the little pill in the map , and inside trevors “meth lab” there is none marker, all the other works work fine , do you have any idea ?

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You must be the drug dealer group

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Q: I’m getting an error regarding Legacy, even though I’m up to date?
A: There are two possibilities causing this, the most likely source is you haven’t put your server key in the bottom of server.cfg or you haven’t put in the correct database details in the top of server.cfg and/or vrp/cfg/base.lua.

Drugs work like this, you become a drug dealer, wait for the Illegal Informer to spawn (spawns for 10 mins every hour) - he gives you the location of the weed/cocaine/lsd fields for a price, you go farm the drugs, take them to the drug lab, change them into actual drugs and then hand them into the yellow mission marker. I will make this clearer on the next update.

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Dunko how to we get clothes and face to work ? Like for the mp player model there is none faces , ears , clothes etc… are they turn off or do we need to add ?

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Hello dunko do you now if the drug dealer job works with this framwork where you can sell to ai by pressing h


where can i edit the price for an credit card by hacker Job?

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It says this http://prntscr.com/hxcc0r

And then it says this [vRP/C#] connection/command path vRP/set_srvdata not found

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Try a reinstall looks you might be missing a file or two…

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Where can i edit the pay for an credit card by hacker job??

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You need to walk into the blue circle first and select Male/Female to make sure you have the MP model, then you can walk into the other circle and press LEFT + RIGHT on the thing you’d like to change and ENTER to change colour.

I have no idea what you’re talking about mate lol, try it is my only suggestion.

Firstly, don’t spam. Secondly, the prices for credit cards are in vrp_basic_mission/cfg/missions.lua - line 259 "500 = $500"

You haven’t installed FiveM correctly, visit https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Running_FXServer and follow that, then install my mod on top of that and make sure you follow the installation video, as you haven’t set up your database correctly either it seems.

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i am having a problem with the vehiclelock script i wanna take it out of the server

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When someone changes their skin or face to a color that is not “white” it doesnt change the hands / torso / legs. Any fixes for this?

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can i anywhere change the speed for the police cars?

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To disable go to vrp/__resource.lua and remove line 57.

As far as I’m aware, that’s a GTA bug.

You can create a vehicle.meta file for each vehicle, don’t ask me how, I don’t do vehicles, YouTube will be your best bet if you want to learn.

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