[Gamemode] Apes

Welcome to Apes.

A gamemode based on RottenV by Mr.Scammer with a lot of rewrites and added code. But there are monkeys* instead of zombies, lootable corpses and a simple shop built in.

*) May not be actual monkeys.

Feel free to use my code any way you like to. Attribution is welcomed but not necessary.

Known bugs:

  • That is not monkeys, it is a man in a bigfoot suit! (Yes, I know, actual chimps proved to be difficult to work with)
  • Position of corpses seem to get lost sometimes between clients making them hard/impossible to loot.
  • The game mode is horribly balanced. Too many apes, too few apes, too many cars, no fun cars, the spawn points are bad, the content of the shop is pathetic.

Download: Apes v0.7


We can loot weapon and food ? i search this type of script

It does not work for me can someone tell me how to use it, i have followed the tutorial but there are no apes and no cars and the commands does not work

because the new server framework that is now out is having issues with both RottenV and this since they both are similarly coded

This is amazing except for one thing and that is for the string split is no longer used

How did I fucking miss this?

This shit is invitational!

We are both dragon energy!

~ Kanye Wheat