[18+] [Paid] Dotsoft Hookers [ESX] [QBCore]

Dotsoft Hookers

This resource enhances the roleplay quality by allowing players to interact with all game-generated “Hooker” ped models as well as spawned ones. It utilizes qb-target/qtarget in order to interact with the ped and select one of the available features. The animations and sounds are properly synced between all clients, which means everybody near you would be able to hear or see…


  • Utilizes qb-target/qtarget
  • Request to Follow
  • Request Va*inal
  • Request An*l
  • Request Bl*wjob
  • Request Va*inal Inside Car
  • Request An*l Inside Car
  • Request Bl*wjob Inside Car
  • Synced Animations
  • Synced Sounds
  • Ped Spawner (In order to spawn additional peds if needed)
  • Prices for Services


ESX Users

QBCore users


Update - Car animations
How to use: Request for services while driving a vehicle.


All our resources are maintained and updated regularly. We appreciate all feedback and do our best to deliver quality resources. Most of our paid resources are escrow encrypted but everything can still be easily configurable through the config files.

Tebex: View!
Price: 11.90 GBP (Tax Included)

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 600
Requirements qb-core / es-extended
Support Yes

For 30 pounds and yet they don’t even undress themselves and no in car stuff…wtf.

I am still working on the car animations, which will be released in the following days. The price is meant to be 25 but Tebex did its thing I guess, I will look into it right away.

  • Price updated

would you open the function to change the target system?

Why not, I can open the function or just add support for whatever target system you use. Whatever you prefer.

can be cool to got a option with marker and menu too ^^

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Felt like using a target system because it’s more convenient but yeah I can add an option for that.

we use fivem target if you could add support for that, that would be great

What framework do you use?

Will be updated in a few minutes! Still got some finishing touches to do

Update pushed to keymaster

i wait for option without q targer and i buy it for sure :smiley:

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I will look into it and let you know.

The price has been updated. New price - 17.85 GBP (Tax Included)

do they walk up to any stripper ped or is it like a poly zone or coords on how to get to the female?

Any stripper ped around the map, you can add more ped types in the config file.

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its theere any way to make it so that u gotta go to a specific spot to pick up the girls?

It also has a ped spawner so you can spawn your own peds if you want to.

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ok and is there a way i can turn of be able to do it to the random peds around the city

Currently no, there isn’t.

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