Tuna's News Job [ESX+QBCore]

:fish: :movie_camera: BREAKING NEWS :movie_camera::fish:
TunasNewsJob is designed to turn NPC + Player events into competitive challenges ! :heart:

Events that happen become unique scenes that members must go to and record. Whoever can record the scene & upload the footage first will receive the highest reward - with each entry earning less !

Watch a preview here (YouTube):tv: :eyes:

:hammer_and_wrench:This script is highly configurable, and is broken down into 2 main categories :hammer_and_wrench:

:man_supervillain:**Player Events (Dynamic)**:policeman:
- Use existing scripts on your server to become " News " events

  • Add News events with one simple line of code
  • Uses player identifiers to combat abuse (relogging, multiple entries etc)
  • Highly customizable details including level, reward, duration etc
  • Tuna’s Power Job V1+2 compatible

:dizzy_face:**NPC Events (Static)**:policeman:
- I really enjoyed adding this to the script, as It adds so many possibilities for scenarios

  • Very configurable peds including individual toggle for custom streamed clothing or default peds, animations, and soon props ( props however the offsets will take forever, i might make fully functional soon)
  • Vehicle pool that allows unique functions for each vehicle, ive provided some base functions and will build on that foundation
    :electric_plug:Add News + NPC events manually with a whitelisted command

:white_check_mark: Compatibility :white_check_mark:
This script was written and tested on ESX, I have included handler functions for ESX, QBCore, and standalone, aside from inventory check + money management, qbcore is basically standalone; ; Functions have been tested on both ESX and QBCore servers OneSnyc ENABLED (infinity untested)

:key:Requirements :key:
1.) skinchanger or qb-clothing
GitHub - mitlight/skinchanger: skinchanger For FiveM
2.) progressbars ( can be easily switched out )
[RELEASE] Progress Bars 1.0 [STANDALONE]
3.) screenshot-basic (for uploading screenshots to discord)


Listening for current events on your server in /config/config.js
// template :
name: ’ ', // String: The server event name goes here, it must be case sensitive
label: ’ ', // String: This is the label that is displayed to the reporters
timeout: 600, // Number: footage deadline - in seconds
level: 0, // Number: 0 - local | 1 - crime | 2 - traffic/industrial | 3 - Breaking News | 4+ Special Event
pos: null // Obj: Set as null if multiple locations or {x: Number, y: Number, z: Number}

Adding News Functions takes one event on the server (use emit() for js )
eventName: string, // REQUIRED, this is the server event name, case sensitive :slight_smile:
eventLabel: string, // REQUIRED, this is the headline
eventPos: { x: number, y: number, z: number}, // REQUIRED
eventLevel: number, // OPTIONAL,
timeout: number, // OPTIONAL
maxSubmissions: number // OPTIONAL

:newspaper:Other Notes:newspaper:

  • 10 pre-configured NPC events (Busts | Raids | heli crash | plane crash | Traffic | Goofy )
  • Optional job requirement, handles notifications, data etc
  • Optional multi job menu location (if enabled, players upload at closest weazel news)
  • Competitive mode enabled by default (players can earn same amount if preferred )
  • Optional webhook to post breaking news updates
  • 2 Manual commands to enable News Events + spawn NPC events (uses ace perms)
  • Client sync for npc vehicle events - will not trigger until a player is in render range
  • Optional vehicle render config option to help sync (have not needed it so far, left it there in case)
  • Idle usage: approx cpu 0.00 ms | 0.00% | memory can vary based on config
  • Near Zone usage: cpu 0.5-0.10 ms | 0.8- 1.0% memory
  • Using scaleform when recording is most intense function - varies

**Can I edit the code ? **
Yes & No - I understand there is a lot of thoughts on the Asset Escrow system, and with that said I have decided the following -

I am offering 2 options, one that provides access to all files, and one that uses FiveM’s Asset Escrow system, if you use select escrow, please ensure your server is updated to at least artifact version 5181
to enable escrow and lua54 read more here

:heart:Purchase on Tebex :newspaper:

:white_check_mark:WITH ESCROW: $ 18.99 USD
tebex: Tuna’s News Job [ With ESCROW ]

:negative_squared_cross_mark:NO ESCROW: $ 39.99 USD
tebex: Tuna’s News Job [ Non Escrow ]

| Code is accessible------| Yes— Non escrow || No - Config + Utility access only - With escrow
| Subscription-based-----| No
| Lines (approximately)-| ~3000, (50% is config)
| Requirements--------------| ESX or QBCORE - Standalone requires item / job check / payment functions|
| Support-----------------------| Yes , reach out here or discord :slight_smile:

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Very excited to add this to my server, can I use eup clothing on the NPCs ?

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Hello there, thank you for the kind words :slight_smile: NPC configuration allows a lot of options including streaming custom clothing for peds, you can individually toggle custom + vanilla peds, including their animations, you can add as many peds to an event as youd like, and more !

Thanks for reaching out !


Awesome, I purchased ! Great release :slight_smile:

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Would be sick if there would be an option to upload pictures to discord so everybody on the server can see the pictures.


Hey thanks for the feedback !

I will look into adding this into the webhook feature :slight_smile:

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Added to my list of “Must Haves”. Not this week though, spent too much already and not looking to piss off the wife. See you on Friday LOL

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Much love friend; See you soon :wink:

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nice news job!

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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**edit - timing is a bit off, needs a bit more work;

Requires screenshot-basic

Pushing the update now; Thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile:

For those who have already purchased; Please redownload the release :heart:


looks pretty good

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Appreciate the kind words :fish: :heart:

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i know u been working on this for a while, good to see u still in the game working on the craft!!

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All the love; check your DM’s :slight_smile:

V1.0.3 is currently available featuring

  • [ QBCore ] Adjusted notifications, uses qbnotify when not in vehicle
  • [ QBCore ] Addressed vehicle keys issue, ped is teleported into van
  • [ QBCore ] Addressed reported issue with job sometimes not syncing on load
  • [ QBCore ] Added qb-clothing support
  • [ ESX+ QBCore] Added screenshot-basic functions to post to discord during recording, although timing seems to be slightly off at times

Current plans for future updates

  • PolyZone integration
  • Props for Ped Scenes
  • bt-qtarget support

Thank you all for the feedback and support ! :heart:

Can you elaborate on this? I don’t mess with server-side files much but I do modify client-side files quite a bit. Would I be able to edit notifications, progress bars if there are any, the message system, and randomize money reward I don’t like placing a set amount?

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Hey there; @Zerodaggerz In short, yes !

In addition to the config files, each resource contains a handler file for both the client and server, these contain essential functions.

Progress bars, notifications, payment, etc. are included in that :slight_smile:

As for set pay, a config option to allow a random sum based on the news level is something I can easily add in. However you could add it if you so desired

Appreciate you reaching out :fish: