The Diamond Casino Heist & Arcade Interiors


This is the interiors from the diamond casino heist dlc. Cutscene garage interior and the elevator shaft is not included. The elevator shaft isn’t really connected to anything, so don’t know what to do with that. The tunnels are included but there is no way to walk past the small hole yet, but I am going to fix it.

It’s not connected with the exterior, so to get inside u must use a teleporter (not included). The casino interior is too big to fit that main exterior, so until I or others find a solution, teleport is the only way right now. I did open op many of the locked doors, so u can get to any of the rooms without teleporting.

Casino lobby coords: 2469.0886230469,-288.06344604492,-58.267513275146
Casino Vault coords: 2488.34800000, -267.36370000, -71.64563000
Arcade coords: 2730.000, -380.000, -50.000

I’m planning to improve this and add more rooms etc so suggestions would be helpful. I didn’t get a single crash running this and didn’t drop any fps at all. Only thing I can think of is streaming the 300 mb files – but I’ve seen servers streaming more than this without problems.

Note: This was tested on localhost (non-onesync), so I have no idea how it would run with more players and/or onesync.

Heist Casino:
Manager Room / Offices:
Stairs / Other:
Utility / Rooftop:
Vault Exit & Loading Bay:
Arcade & Planning Garage:
Arcade & Planning Garage (destroyed):

Shoutout to dexyfex for Codewalker!
Shoutout to 3Doomer for Gims EVO!
Shootout to OpenIV team!

Download link:


  • Added Arcade & planning garage interiors (change interior style/version in client.lua)
  • Fixed vault doors so u can now choose between locked, unlocked and destroyed doors/wall set. Can be customized in client.lua.


  • Tunnel fix so u can get through the hole.
  • Add something in the small vault
  • Clean version of the main interior
  • Hotel & Other rooms

Now I want to make a heist resource for this :confused:


Is this MLO or will there be huge lag when driving past the area?

EDIT: Oh it’s a Brown map. MLO then. Nothing to worry about.


Brown is the king of no lag mlos lol


Looking forward for the video

Hi, I appreciate your great work. Just to mention, almost all chairs and some slotmachine are laying on the floor. Can you fix that so it will look a little more clean and not like if it was a storm inside? :wink:


Its the heist version so its supposed to be like that. But I could try to make a clean version with this one aswell :smiley:


That would be awesome!

Would be great for roleplaying, for sure :wink:

Gets all kind of cool ideas about different sick bank heist scripts this interior enables to do, but is sad that he does not have enough knowledge to do that :joy::heart_eyes: THIS IS SICK! And this is in beta too… Just checked the whole casino out and holy shit all of the idea i got about a casino heist script if only i could just do that… Maybe ill start a never ending project :joy:

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The arcade & planning garage interiors have now been added! You can now change arcade/garage styles in the client.lua. You can also choose between locked, unlocked or destroyed vaultdoor/wall set.


Thank you for your hard work and your sharing with the community!

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So ive installed this resource but cant get into the casino and ive tried tp to the coords but i just fall thru map.

Any ideas

Awesome !!!

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clear cache then restart server

I have a question i saw your other version of the Diamond Casino what can enter via walking down the stars and i was thinking would it not be better to add the heist part of the interior to that version so then we can have a Casino model instead of the original model what is already on the map so then don’t have to tp inside to the Diamond Casino interior & the reason i ask this is because i don’t have an exterior for the Casino only interior if tp to it.

the problem with that is that the addon is bigger then the building itself so most of it would be poking out of the building

So if you want to use this resource you can’t use a Diamond Casino exterior so have to make do with the original Casino on the map.

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you can still load the Diamond Casino exterior because where the interior loads is no where near the Diamond Casino building

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Yup, you can just stream the exterior from the other update/dlc.

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