The Diamond Casino Heist & Arcade Interiors

Hi Brown,
When I use your casino MLO, some city areas are pixeled. Do you know why?

Can u provide me some information & screenshots so I can see the issue

What is the name of Doors props inside of Arcade map?

The fortune machine door is : ch_prop_arcade_fortune_door_01a

But i need name of prop for :


for usin esx_Doorlock


Exit door: brownarcade_door (addon prop)
Arcade door: ch_prop_ch_entrance_door_derelict
Office Manager door: ch_prop_ch_corridor_door_beam
Toilet door: ch_prop_ch_toilet_door_beam
Office Manager door2: ch_prop_ch_corridor_door_beam
Fortune Door: ch_prop_arcade_fortune_door_01a
Vault door: ch_prop_arcade_fortune_door_01b (addon prop)
Garage door: v_ilev_rc_door2


Thnx dude !

Here you go

A pity, the props do not work with esx_doorlock, I tried to find the coords in the .ymap but only one prop appears, In the props folder or in the arcade folder the door prop does not appear. Anyway thank you very much. If by chance you know the coordinates it would be great!

When you reconnect on server, before use [F8] quit to close FiveM?
Normally when u reconnect and before no close FiveM have a Fail textures

No, I restarted fivem completely

so can i just use the arcade part or do i have to use it all?

Great job, anyway we could get a screenshot of locations of the place?

@Livvux Weird I dont get that texture bug and Im running on Texture: Very High settings.
@Alp_Cire I dont have much coding experience but it is is possible to lock custom doors with a script.
@BadappleGaming Yeah just dont stream the other stuff.
@tbonz100 I added coordinates as they are all tp inteirors. :smiley:

@MrBrown1999 Hey there, just wanna ask, if its possible to add an option to have closed Fortune teller door from office to the underground? As an option as like as game machines and etc? :slight_smile: Thank you so much.

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Finally @MrBrown1999 got it, I could do things like this. I hope you like what you see.

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Nice work! I think it would look better if u make it open slowly :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but it works through the Lockdoor, and only has one position when it is closed unfortunately.

MrBrown hows V3 going.

I finished 2 arcades on the map that are enterable now instead of TP. Thinking of finishing the small vault with 3 options next and fix the tunnel aswell.
Vault/Lockers only
Vault/Lockers + gold trolley
Vault/Lockers + cash trolley

And then a easter egg :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you MrBrown you rock, can’t wait for the enterable maps… 10 thumbs up

When do u plan on releasing V3.

Only rooms i have access to is the main casino floor and the management office upstairs.

All the other doors seems locked and if u tp upstairs to where all the outside pools are are no clip into the door that says penthouse i can see interior but i fall thru floor.

Ur videos seem different to what i got but its ur files i used.

Hope u can shed some light on it for me it maybe not set up correctly.

Im trying to create an awesome casino heist with some great hacking animations etc but held up cos i cant access the vault.