Rick Script Diamond Casino Heist With (Ui - Blips - Cars - Money - Ui Sound - Picking Up Item Sound Eg FBI ID - Ped - Weapons)

Off topic: Bro your aim is insane! Are you using a joystick to aim or what


nope i’m using a mouse not really good at aiming that’s why I was using god mode too

who bought other version have this update free?


Yes the update is free for anyone who bought v1


my doubt is currently my server has between 100 to 130 simultaneous players, if 1 person starts this heist and starts preparations if another person also starts minutes later? or at the same time? what happens?


Player can’t do heist or prep at the same time at the moment
there is an cooldown system in this script where you put the amount of time you want player to wait for before they can do a next prep/heist in that config

I plan to add around 15 more location in an update so that player will be able to do prep at the same time so if a next player is at an other location stealing the weaponcrate it will get that there is an prep happening there already at that location so it will give the other player that want to start a prep a different location to steal the weapon crate

Can other players help me do the mission?

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Yes other players are able to help

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is this standalone or i should have specific framework ?

It’s for esx I plan to put it into other framework if people want it in other framework

does this come with a working casino mlo with heist interiors? cuz i cant get the available ones to work.

Is this the one your using

yes. the ymap doesnt show up in-game.

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did the one you got from me work

Looking for some support. Whenever i go to collect the banktruck (stockade) its just not there, i see the mark on the map where its supposed to be but its never there, multiple server restarts/cache clears. also when i do 2 of the jobs, if i try to do a third it always says “you cant do that right now” and i have to relog

it’s an cool down system the time can be change in the config

i’m going to dm you on the fivem form and help you fix that problem

can i make it so that i dont automatically spawn in a vehicle when choosing a heist?

Yep I can edit it for you