RickAn The Diamond Casino Heist Script Paid With Ui

This a script where players will be able to rob the Casino and make money
but before they will have to do some setup when the setup is finish they will be able to rob the Casino if they where able to rob the Casino then they will have to wait to start the setup again it will take 10 min for then to be able to do the setup again

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The Diamond Casino Heist & Arcade Interiors

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Is the npcs synched? What happens if multiple people goes to the heist?

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Is it in any way obfuscated or IP-Locked?

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It is Unlock

yea the npcs was synched


The more people that go to the heist the harder it get
only one person can use the elevator the other have to use the step

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halo , does it capable for any version of esx?

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Yes It should the main think it use it es_extended don’t thing it work with the es_extended v2 tho