[RELEASE] v2: Fix holes and customize the map

I have a problem. I want to compare 2 mlo’s whiches effect one the other. For example the LS Cityhall and the police station behind it. When I load the 2maps one of them has block out of its doors. Please help me…

I have the bob74 to, but its not work bro. i dton know

Can’t get the neons to work, or any of the “Details” stuff to work :unamused:

@Bob_74 Hi, i’m using fivem b2189, but the arcade is invisible. I can’t see any prop and I can’t load any ipl that fix that. Here’s the coords: 2730 -380 -50
Did you have some suggestion?

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I have the same problem

Im having an odd issue, that started seemingly out of nowhere - My oneal farm, it renders with the interior, but when i walk in i fall through the floor. This didnt use to be the case… Am i missing an update? somewhere?

All my other “fix holes” locations are fine, and any MLO i have that calls to a bob_ipl, works just fine.

I’m also having this issue. I assume there’s an IPL that needs to be loaded, just haven’t found it yet.

I have the same issue. Currently investigating it. Ill let you know if I figure something out.

Turns out an MLO causes it. Its the one that includes a Farm House above the prison. Hope this helps

literally was about to post this yesterday as well haha. Yea, strange how that one affects oneal.

Glad that the Oneal Farmhouse was figured out - But got a new question.

Anyone know how to get the Avon Hertz bunker to spawn in via IPL loader? Do i need to make a new “facilities2” script within the bob74 file?

For all those wondering the same thing, It is already in FiveM if you have the bob74_IPL. you just need to go to the tunnel in the mountain for it to render properly for some reason. It doesnt work if you use a teleport anywhere else.

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Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?


This one is something that many users don’t look into; the interiors normally control the environment around them but in FiveM I don’t know if that is happening.

For the Nightclub to look right, when the player enters it, set the time and weather and lock them, don’t let any weather sync resources to change anything; weather foggy, time 00:01. This will give you the right lighting and look inside the club. You’ll need to add particles if you want the smoke machines to work also.

When the player leaves the interior of the nightclub, you can remove the particles, and revert the weather to the weather the client had set when entering and the same for the time, you’ll need to allow the resync to take effect.

This is the same for all interiors from my testing, you have to control the weather and time to get the right look and feel when entering them.

Edit: should note that this may/should not affect any interior that can see into another interior or the general world, only those that are enclosed.

You can also request the timecycle of an interior and set this where required to make the whole thing look better.

This build isn’t fully supported afaik, there are still things to be done to make that build workable.
Events are working but will test the farm house

Edit: All seams to be fine from my basic checks…

@Bob_74 is there a reason why the regular IPL for the interior casino doesn’t load in no matter what? but the exterior and and penthouses do ? I’m just wondering , having this issue

Can you tell me the ressource name of that MLO? I’m having the same issue.

does anyone know how to fix this? http://prntscr.com/10jmhng
its the hole that leads to the sewers from the highway

Anyone know how to fix the pillbox doors being stuck shut?