Srp_ipl (An easily configurable IPL Loader)

Edit: Oh I forgot about the Casino Heist Arcades. I will look for the ipls and get them in asap if they will work with build 2060

ok thanks i have the arcade mapping if u want if it can help you?

@MrZedo thanks but I just need the names of the ipl and props for it. I believe I found the list of props in codewalker but am unsure about the ipl name. Once I have that it’ll be ready fast

If you send me the mapping it may help?

I’m working on this but it may take me a bit of time to get it up. TBH I probably won’t have this fixed before the next update release unless I find some more time. The collision and tunnel part of the arcade work so far but nothing else yet.

You inside the arcades here: The Diamond Casino Heist & Arcade Interiors

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Is it possible to open this with ipl or not?

Where is that? May be a blocker prop? That doesn’t look familiar to me. If it’s a door you may need a script to open it. I know the office in the penthouse needs a script to open it as in GTA Online it’s open.

Ok good thanks .

@VSSVSSN Hi how are you I wanted to know is it normal for me to see nothing?

That location doesn’t look familiar to me. What is it?

That’s the arena wars garage, I believe it’s under Mt Chiliad.

Okay. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been there. Can anyone give me the coords for it?

Hey dude, the website containing all the coordinates has been update but it won’t let me post the link. Anyways;

Submarine Position: new mp.Vector3(1561.562, 410.45, -48.0)

Casino Nightclub Position: new mp.Vector3(1550.0, 250.0, -48.0);

Oh okay I wasn’t aware Thanks. I will update all this asap. With the Holidays and the fact that I’m moving states in a week has taken up all of my time. I appreciate the info!

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Good luck with the move and merry Christmas dude :blush:

SimeonIPL is the destroyed is it posible to add the fixed one?

I will look into this asap

Alright guys just a bit of an update on the progress and future of this project. I have moved successfully. I am using a mobile hotspot so progress for updating might be slow. I know that info on implementing the island has already been released and for a quick solution that method will work for now but that method does not align with the direction this project is going so I am going to look for a way to keep the code uniform. Thanks for understanding. I will release the next update when available.


I know you deleted your question so I’m guessing you figured it out but if you still have an issue lmk. I will fix it so the config makes sense next update.