The Contract Infos - Build 2545

Hello all,
Now that the build 2545 for The Contract update is available on release, I wanted to share some informations that I found.
I will keep updated this topic with more informations that I found or can be sended in the replies.

If you face crashes and issues when enforcing your server to 2545, it’s possible that you have too many add-on clothing, EUP, peds, etc.

You can read more about this and find out how to prevent these crashes courtesy of @DurtyFree and @FumaPraQue here.

Reminder: how to set the game build

Add set sv_enforceGameBuild 2545 to your server.cfg or +set sv_enforceGameBuild 2545 to your launch parameters.
(Enabling the island on build 2189)
Detailed information for forcing gamebuild by @TayMcKenzieNZ


Here is a list of the new vehicles from the update :

  • shinobi : Shinobi
  • reever : Reever
  • champion : Champion
  • cinquemila : Cinquemila
  • iwagen : I-Wagen
  • astron : Astron
  • baller7 : Baller ST
  • buffalo4 : Buffalo STX
  • comet7 : Comet S2 Cabrio
  • deity : Deity
  • ignus : Ignus
  • jubilee : Jubilee
  • patriot3 : Patriot Mil-Spec
  • zeno : Zeno
  • granger2 : Granger 3600LX
  • youga4 : Youga Custom
  • mule5 : Mule (I don’t know what is new with this one)


  • weapon_heavyrifle
    • Ammo name : AMMO_RIFLE
  • ammo_emplauncher
    • Ammo name : AMMO_EMPLAUNCHER
  • ammo_fertilizercan
    • Ammo name : AMMO_FERTILIZERCAN
  • weapon_stungun_mp
    • Ammo name : AMMO_STUNGUN


  • a_c_chop_02
  • a_f_y_studioparty_01
  • a_f_y_studioparty_02
  • a_m_m_studioparty_01
  • a_m_y_studioparty_01
  • csb_ary_02
  • csb_ballas_leader
  • csb_billionaire
  • csb_golfer_a
  • csb_golfer_b
  • csb_imani
  • csb_jio_02
  • csb_johnny_guns
  • csb_mjo_02
  • csb_musician_00
  • csb_party_promo
  • csb_req_officer
  • csb_security_a
  • csb_soundeng_00
  • csb_vagos_leader
  • csb_vernon
  • g_m_m_goons_01
  • ig_ary_02
  • ig_ballas_leader
  • ig_billionaire
  • ig_entourage_a
  • ig_entourage_b
  • ig_golfer_a
  • ig_golfer_b
  • ig_imani
  • ig_jio_02
  • ig_johnny_guns
  • ig_mjo_02
  • ig_musician_00
  • ig_party_promo
  • ig_req_officer
  • ig_security_a
  • ig_soundeng_00
  • ig_vagos_leader
  • ig_vernon
  • ig_vincent_3
  • s_f_m_studioassist_01
  • s_m_m_highsec_05
  • s_m_m_studioassist_02
  • s_m_m_studioprod_01
  • s_m_m_studiosoueng_02


Id of the blip and the image corresponding.



I found few informations about IPLs, but I’m really bad at finding them, some textures are missing (for the yachts for example), and I’m missing entity sets for the interiors.
(If somebody knows how to find entity sets I would love to learn about it.)

-- Big hangar door at the airport -1016.52, -2974.86, 13.95

-- -1020.2860 -427.30180 62.861130
-- 384.8140 -60.7270 102.3630
-- -1003.9110 -759.6040 60.894190
-- -589.47570 -716.5260 112.00510

-- Franklin house 13.01, 544.59, 175.95

-- Under the golf -1120.0 -70.0 -100.0
-- RequestIpl("sf_int_placement_sec_interior_0_dlc_office_sec_milo_")
-- -1010.0 -70.0 -100.0
-- -1070.0 -70.0 -100.0
-- Weed warehouse 2920.0 4470.0 -100.0

-- Laggy, some textures are missing
-- -3262.1250 -1586.9720 5.43373900

-- -850.55520 -4818.5890 5.43373900

More informations about IPLs and culls by @sadboilogan :

Music studio entity sets :

FixerHQ entity sets :

Audio Scenes

I found these audio scenes :

  • DLC_Fixer_Studio_Interior_Scene - remove practically all sounds
  • DLC_Security_Music_Studio_Producer_IG_Playing_Scene

Vehicle weapons


Some information from me aswell about the new scaleforms:

The two big new scaleforms are “MUSIC_STUDIO_MONITOR” and “FIXER_APP”.
The music studio monitor shows a music software and the only thing changeable is the state.
State 0 = Nothing like in the image below
State 1 = Edit view where some faders and values are moving
State 2 = Play view where the “mixed sound” is played meaning the timer on top is running and the faders are moving

The Fixer App ist the new contract management system and is a very complex one i may have some information on this one in the next days.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I will take a look at this website (which seems to be related to this repo GitHub - DurtyFree/gta-v-data-dumps: GTA V Data dumps useful for modding & scripting ) and add new informations to this post :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for this! its so cool love it.

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It ain’t working for me… → Im getting this error, when joining the server: “Changing game build failed: An unknown error occurred

I’am on canary, everything should be fine, latest artifacts - It isn’t working sadly…

Is your GTA V game up to date?

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Oh! :open_mouth:

You probably already saw this , but I made it and link back to this post :slightly_smiling_face: @AvaN0x

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Yes I saw it, thank you :slight_smile:
I just linked it in this post because you detailed how to force game build way more than I did :smiley:

-- sf_fixeroffice_bh1_05

-- sf_fixeroffice_hw1_08

-- sf_fixeroffice_kt1_05

-- sf_fixeroffice_kt1_08

here are the culls used to hide the exterior of the buildings for the agencies when you are inside them, also you seem to have forgotten sf_musicrooftop which is for ontop of where the recording studio is in gtao

+ sf_billboards is another one for:

note theres also sf_mansionroof though this literally adds a tiny amount of dirt to the roof of one of the mansion peices



so, gtao requests these IPL’s mainly:

"sf_billboards" -- this is determined by a global though it seems to be 0 currently

FIXER_APP also seems pretty similar in terms of how its written to all the other ui used for mp content, so should be simple enough to get working also


Now i can join, but when i land i crash with → zebra-east-berlin :frowning: been waiting sooooo long for this build

PlayerId() – made me crash.

Thank you about these informations, may I ask you how you found out about the culls ?

After a night of sleep, I’ve been looking on this website and the corresponding github repo and I can’t seem to find any informations about entity sets.
(I tried to look for an existing entity set from the casino penthouse and no results)

Which made me look in the .ytyp file of the casino penthouse and I all the entitysets names.

I then tried to do the same for the contract update, but here all the names are in hexa…

I guess that it will need more digging to get names.

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Okay I found few entity sets for the music studio, these changes the setup :


I found entity sets for the hq :slight_smile: :

HQ office

  • Decorations ans statues inside the office
    • Entity_Set_Art_1
    • Entity_Set_Art_2
    • Entity_Set_Art_3
  • Walls style
    • Entity_Set_Wpaper_1
    • Entity_Set_Wpaper_2
    • Entity_Set_Wpaper_3
    • Entity_Set_Wpaper_4
    • Entity_Set_Wpaper_5
    • Entity_Set_Wpaper_6
    • Entity_Set_Wpaper_7
    • Entity_Set_Wpaper_8
    • Entity_Set_Wpaper_9
  • Access to bedroom
    • Entity_Set_Blocker
  • First room on the left upstairs
    • Entity_Set_Standard_Office
    • Entity_Set_Armoury
  • Cardboards in the MP player office
    • Entity_Set_Moving
  • Block the access downstairs behind the statue and color can be changed
  • Add one chair upstair next to one of the desktop
    • Entity_Set_Spare_Seats
  • Two chairs in front of the desktop in the mp player office
    • Entity_Set_Player_Seats
  • Two file on mp player desk
    • Entity_Set_Player_Desk
  • Golden disks on the mp player desk walls
    • Entity_set_disc_01
    • Entity_set_disc_02
    • Entity_set_disc_03
    • Entity_set_disc_04
    • Entity_set_disc_05
    • Entity_set_disc_06
  • Golf bag in a corner of the mp office
    • Entity_Set_M_Golf_Intro
  • ???
    • Entity_Set_M_Setup
    • Entity_Set_M_Nightclub
    • Entity_Set_M_Yacht
    • Entity_Set_M_Promoter
    • Entity_Set_M_Limo_Photo
  • Add a wallet on the mp player desk
    • Entity_Set_M_Limo_Wallet
  • Add keys next to the wallet
    • Entity_Set_M_The_Way
  • ???
    • Entity_Set_M_Billionaire
  • Green toy on the mp player desk
    • Entity_Set_M_Families
  • Purple toy on the mp player desk
    • Entity_Set_M_Ballas
  • ???
    • Entity_Set_M_Hood
  • Wood stick on the desk
    • Entity_Set_M_Fire_Booth
  • Trophy on the desk
    • Entity_Set_M_50
  • Brand logo on the shelf behind the desk
    • Entity_Set_M_Vehicles
  • Taxi on the shelf
    • Entity_Set_M_Taxi
  • Annis Euros on the shelf
    • Entity_Set_M_Tuner
  • Golf ball on the shelf
    • Entity_Set_M_Gone_Golfing
  • Laptop with impact n the shelf
    • Entity_Set_M_Hit_Lis
  • Stickybomb on the shelf
    • Entity_Set_M_Motel
  • Cap on the shelf
    • Entity_Set_M_Attack
  • Construction hat on the shelf
    • Entity_Set_M_Construction
  • Weed neon on the shelf
    • Entity_Set_M_Trip_01
  • Weed plant on the shelf
    • Entity_Set_M_Trip_02
  • rumpo4 on the shelf
    • Entity_Set_M_Trip_03

Those may be for the garage

  • Decorations on walls
    • Entity_Set_Art_1
    • Entity_Set_Art_2
    • Entity_Set_Art_3
  • Walls style
    • Entity_Set_Wallpaper_01
    • Entity_Set_Wallpaper_02
    • Entity_Set_Wallpaper_03
    • Entity_Set_Wallpaper_04
    • Entity_Set_Wallpaper_05
    • Entity_Set_Wallpaper_06
    • Entity_Set_Wallpaper_07
    • Entity_Set_Wallpaper_08
    • Entity_Set_Wallpaper_09
  • Add a wall to block the workshop
    • Entity_Set_Workshop_Wall
  • Decoration on the wall blocking the workshop
    • Entity_Set_Art_1_NoMod
    • Entity_Set_Art_2_NoMod
    • Entity_Set_Art_3_NoMod
  • Change walls and lights colors
  • Light in the workshop area
    • Entity_Set_Workshop_Lights

Simple Trainer for single player works with Scripthook and is quicker to see what the wallpapers look like etc.

Glad you found information!

Could someone possibly make a resource to request these IPLs etc? Don’t forget to add code to remove them too. The problem with Rockstar Editor after 2060, is that the servers are requesting a lot of IPLs but not removing them.

just looking through the scripts, handled in the same script that all other interior-logic is

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