Happy new year! What does 2022 hold for you?

Happy New Year everyone! :fireworks:

With 2022 now having come around, we would like to thank our amazing community for its continued support and creativity. We have seen a lot of amazing projects throughout last year, and we can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!

The year that has passed

Last year, FiveM peaked at over 250,000 concurrent players, and we’re now close to 11 million unique players since 2017. We also have 24,500 servers around the world that everyone can enjoy! For RedM, we have had 140,000 unique players, being served by over 300 servers.

FiveM - The Contract DLC support

We’re happy to announce that FiveM is now compatible with “The Contract” DLC!

Want to enable the new DLC on your server? Make sure to check out the documentation on how to enforce the build. Make sure you are on the latest FXServer build!

As for content, you can use this amazing community discussion to find and share everything that was added in this new DLC.

FxDK: World Editor & More

One of our biggest efforts of 2021 was the development of the FxDK world editor. To start of 2022 with a bang, we’re happy to say that the world editor will be announced soon, opening up to a new era of map editing tools. And we don’t stop there. We’re incredibly ambitious about our FxDK project and want to share our goals for next year:

We’re working on full Blender integration. This is no small feat: you will be able to import your models directly into FiveM using FxDK and Blender. We’re aiming at a release in H2 of 2022 but will post updates when we have them.

We have also published some new documentation for FxDK on our documentation site, make sure to give it a read!

The future of FxDK is going to be very exciting with features such as the Logic Editor, new build tools and a new way to see events. There is much more planning to be done for these features, and we are excited to reveal more in the future! Got a good idea for FxDK? Don’t be afraid to give us feedback.

FiveM: Server Reviews

Recently, we enabled server reviews for the English speaking community as a pilot. We are closely monitoring the results of the pilot, and if it proves successful we will expand to other regions later in 2022.

2022: What else is coming?

It’s time for a look ahead. Next year is going to be ambitious, and we hope you are as excited as we are.

A fresher in-game interface

cfxui, the UI powering both the FiveM and RedM experiences, is set for a re-work during 2022. Our vision for how the platform should look and work has changed over the years, and cfxui now needs to catch up. While primarily a change of technology to ease work on future features, it will also drastically improve performance on the main menu and server browser. The new UI will allow us to iterate on new features quicker, and tweak the style more easily over time. Stay tuned!

New community-focused features for servers

Our recent addition of server reviews were a small part of our broader vision for our future discovery features. More and more communities have started running multiple servers, and we would like to improve the user experience for discovering communities and single servers alike.

With our vision of Community Discovery, we would love to know what features all of our community owners want. While we have some plans such as community pages and page personalization, and possibly even a launcher concept. We still desire some ideas and suggestions, so please do drop your suggestions and requests in the Platform Suggestions board so we can take a look!

A Cfx.re developer hub for all your resources

Our goal is and always has been to provide the best tools available to our community. This includes the controversial topic that is Asset Escrow. Our vision is not to stop supporting open source, but to bolster it. Asset Escrow marks a first step towards the next generation of resource sharing, using the developer hub to empower creators and server owners.

On our roadmap for 2022 is an improved hub for all resources, replacing the old Releases section you know today. Similar to what we envision for communities & servers (more below!), this would help aid discovery of resources - both free/open source and paid alike. And to make that better: you’ll be able to browse and install resources with one click in FxDK, similar to Steam’s Workshop. Stay tuned.

Bringing back periodic updates

In 2022 we are hoping to bring back the periodic updates for the community on what is moving around on our roadmap. This would include upcoming changes from our roadmap, any other thoughts and ideas we have, as well as general community updates. Stay tuned!

FiveM on Android, Linux, and macOS?

While teased as an April Fool’s joke, we continue to work on porting FiveM (and RedM?) to more platforms in 2022 as explained in the following topic.

Open-sourcing Snaily

Snaily is our private moderation bot we use in our Discord server. With over 410 000 members and climbing, moderation is not an easy task. Snaily helps fill the gaps for us with automated moderation, especially when it comes to handling the large volumes of phishing. One of our goals for 2022 is to rewrite it from the ground up, and eventually open-source it for everyone to be able to use and contribute to.

Improving platform reliability

2022 will see a lot of effort put into improving the reliability of our services and infrastructure. While the current infrastructure has served us well, it is time for changes to make sure it can scale better with the load we experience now. This will even allow us to invest even more time into developing new features for you, and improve the security of our platform. More information about this will be provided eventually, so do stay tuned!

We are looking for contributors!

Our community is awesome. Want to help us make FiveM and RedM better?
As a source-available platform, we greatly appreciate the effort of everyone who contributes to the project. The easiest way to get started contributing to the project is with translations that allow more players to enjoy the project. Be sure to check out our translation dashboard and contribute if you can! :mascot:

If you like coding more and want to contribute, feel free to check out our GitHub project and give it a look. Maybe there is an issue you can contribute to?

Thank you!

That’s it for this year, folks! We are excited to see what will unfold in the New Year - especially in community contributions. 2021 has set the stage in the new developer experience, and 2022 will continue to work on that progress.



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The server reviews have been awesome so far and they can be used by new players to get an insight on how great (or not) the experience is for that specific server.

Excited to see all of the new ideas and implementations that are coming soon too. I can already see the “community pages and page personalization” idea being pretty heavily used down the road, and it sounds exciting to have :slight_smile:

Happy new year, and thanks to everyone that has contributed in 2021 to make the platform better :smiley:


Happy New Year everyone
I am motivated and excited about what the future will bring and I hope you will too :man_mechanic:
I am new in the Community (1month) and i really love the Community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, very helpful and share a lot of there really good Scripts and sometimes cant believe for free :heart_eyes:

best greetings from Germany


Thanks for being awesome FiveM and Cfx.re!!


Happy new year!

We love what you have planned for 2022 and look forward to seeing it become a reality!

All the best,
London Studios


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Awesome! Happy New Year!


Happy new year, big props to all the amazing people running and maintaining the project!


Regarding the new cfxui, I think it would be very cool if we could have the very old main menu for a day or sth like that, just for those vibez


Can’t wait to see what the future and beyond has in store. :smiley:


Damn, Blender support and the own World Editor just in sight, awesome news!


Thanks for everything, FiveM <3


So great, thanks to all of you and happy new year !


More RedM Support would be awesome <3 Thx for everything



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Happy new year everyone! Lets make this year an amazing one!