[Standalone / ESX] Advanced Kit System

Advanced Kit/Gift System

note : you can add infinite amount of kits, these are just examples

want to have something special for your VIP members ?
Want to have a special function, like repairing vehicle for your specific job with cooldown and limited usability ?
maybe you just want to give new players starter kit ?
or want your VIP+ members have access to a special character or function ?
or give your onlyfan ranked members a special item? hmm :
or …

Advanced Kit System is an special plugin to make your server more unique and user friendly
you can just create any kind of combination in your kits to suit every aspect of your server

Watch this video for seeing it in action :

click here if video is not working

Features :

  • easy configuration

  • custom title, description and icon for every kit

  • controller support for menu

  • discord log system

  • custom locale system [custom language support]

  • function support for advanced users (both client and server)

  • everything is synced between client and server

  • no database and SQL needed

  • specify x amount of usability time for every kit

  • specify x seconds cooldown for every kit

  • specify rank for every kit

  • spawn vehicle

  • give player weapons

these following features will only work on ESX :

  • specify job for every kit

  • give weapons with bullets amount

  • give items with amount

  • give cash money

  • give bank money

  • give vehicle (owned vehicle)

i already included these kits in config so you can have a good starting point on creating your own :sweat_smile: :

  • Standalone | starter >> will spawn a faggio for you and can only be used 1 time

  • Standalone | weapon >> will give you a pistol with 50 bullets and can only be used 1 time

  • Standalone | everything >> only for vip , can be used 2 time and have 120seconds cooldown , will spawn a sultan classic and will give you pistol and also a raypistol, also there is custom function system that will print hello playerName in player F8 and HELLO WORLD in server console

  • Standalone | fix vehicle >> will fix your car, have 30 seconds cooldown and can be used infinite time!

  • Standalone | change ped >> will change your player character to a random one, have 30 seconds cooldown and can be used infinite time

  • ESX | starter >> will give you 25k cash, and will show freemode scalefrom, using ESX functions! have 30 seconds cooldown and can be used infinite time

  • ESX | weapon >> give you pistol with 200 bullets that will be saved in ESX database, 3 time usability with 500 seconds cooldown only for police job

  • ESX | items/food >> give you phone, some bread and water, that will be saved in ESX database, 10 time usability with 240 sec cooldown only for vip+ rank

  • ESX | bank money >> give you bank money that will be saved in ESX database, 2 time usability with 1200 sec cooldown

  • ESX | bank and cash >> give you bank money and cash money that will be saved in ESX database, 1 time usability with 60 sec cooldown

  • ESX | vehicle >> ESX, give you vehicle that will be saved in ESX database, 1 time usability with 120 sec cooldown

and everything else you want to create!

  • i tried to comment as much as i can in every place in script and config
    so you can easily understand and edit it as you like
click here to see resource usage (resmon)

menu closed :

menu open :

this is why i love menuv ! its just , the best!

click here to see config file screenshots

Dependencies :

  • latest recomended version of Fivem Artifact

  • menuV

  • ESX (V1) [ Optional ]

  • esx_vehicleshop [only if you are using ESX and want to use esx_vehicle option to give players, vehicle…]


this looks alot more than just a kit system :
you are right
I just wasn’t creative enough for a better name than kit system…

ESX required? other framework support ? :
This script can be used completely standalone OR you can even modify it to work with your framework and ofcourse , it work with ESX out of the box

i found a bug / i have suggestion:
if you found any problem , you can just contact me and i will try to fix it ASAP
also you are more than welcome to give your suggestions
I will implement them if its possible!

will this be updated?:
of course, I will always update my scripts if they need new features or need fixes and…

IP locked ? Encrypted ? :
this script is NOT Encrypted or IP locked in anyway or on any file, you can edit every single line of the code for your server, but you CAN’T resell, use some codes from this script on a paid bundle, and share this script…
please, respect the time and effort i put in this script. I appreciate it :heart:

Buy ex_advancedkitsystem script from HERE : https://exacute.tebex.io/package/4360570 (7.99$ w/o TAX)

my other scripts :
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installation is as simple as drag and drop!
just don’t forget to config as you like!

Hope you enjoy :heart:


I’ve Seen many Servers Advertising Starter Pack/Starter Kit, But They had it Manually so admins would give the starter packs to players. Now with this. It takes the Concept to another level.
Great Idea and Script As Always :+1:

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How do you assign it to a player?

you can assign their identifier to a rank
and use that rank in whatever kit you want

is it possible to combine it with tebex? If yes, how?

not with config , but its a really good idea
i will probably update the script later and add this to it

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