[Paid] Better FPS | Dynamic Resolution | FPS Booster

Better FPS | Dynamic Shadow/Resolution Adjuster To Boost your FPS !

Dynamically changing your Resolution/Shadow Scale to reach your Target FPS based on your PC Power !

This script will make your server more enjoyable for more players , doesn’t matter if you have Low-End PC or High-End PC, it can make your frames to be CONSISTENCE and HIGHER !

So what is the difference between this script and any other FPS booster script ?

The difference is , this script will not give you presets to select , this script will automatically change resolution scale , shadow scale and target FPS based on your PC power, so you can get the best FPS possible with whatever you want your Settings to be like !

  • Features :
    • Dynamically change Resolution Scale

    • Dynamically change Shadow Scale

    • Static Resolution Scale (in case you want to !)

    • Higher resolution in case your PC can handle it and you want to!

    • Fully disable Shadows (you cant normally do this in GTA settings)

    • Target FPS : you can set a target FPS and script will try to adjust quality settings to reach it!

    • Auto Target FPS : Exactly as above , but you don’t even have to do anything , it’s all automatic!

    • All settings will be saved on your client !

    • All settings are cross-server compatible !

    • Translation system for multi language support !

  • Sub Menus :

    • Resolution Settings :

    • Shadow Settings :

    • Advanced Settings :

  • Config screenshots

Video :

Video not working ? click here


How much difference does it make ?

It highly depend on your PC configuration, but just for example of my own PC it can give me + ~10 to + 50 FPS , make sure to check the video above to see how this script fully work !

Is this for server or client ?

This is a script for server !
So everyone in your server can enjoy using this !

What is this Dynamic stuff anyway?

Simply, script will automatically change the resolution and shadow scale, based on your PC power, to reach your Target FPS
Additionally , even if you don’t know what Target FPS is the best for you, script can also manage target FPS dynamically on the fly as well !

So, you can either really play with settings to make it as you like , or just let this script decide what is best for you !

High-End PC

If your PC is High-End , you can also use this to have higher resolution scale (configured by server owner in config) and have a better, crisp, high render scale even on far distance !

or on the other hand , have a very consistence frame rate without any drops !

Cant i just manually change the resolution scale in GTA Settings?

Sadly, this is not possible with Settings, and that is where this script come in handy ! to both fill that gap and also add a new feature like modern Games !

What is cross server compatibility for settings ?

Every setting you change , will be saved on your PC , so you will have the same settings if you are on other servers with this same script, no need to change the settings every single time you load in new server !

What about client usage ?

As this script is based on optimization , i tried my best for it to be as optimize as possible
Here is the resmon on my setup (R5 5600x - 3060TI - 32GB Ram) :

  • FPS Booster disabled : 0.00 ms
  • FPS Booster enabled : ~ 0.01 - 0.02 ms
  • FPS Booster enabled + On Screen Debug : ~0.05 - 0.06 ms
  • If menu is not visible, it will not add ANY usage at all !
  • Opening menu will add ~0.16 - 0.25 ms to usage

What API does the menu use ?

It uses a Modified version of WarMenu by warxander

Purchase Here : Better FPS @ Tebex (15$ w/o tax)

Code is accessible Yes*
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~760 (w/o menu file)
Requirements None, Standalone
Support Yes

*Most of the code are accessible and you can modify it as you like , but a very small part of the code is locked via Fivem Asset Escrow system to combat with resellers and abusers !
Still if you ever need any help, i am always available !
I hope you can understand the reason for this decision :heart:

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Its been 2 days from your ticket and you still havent provided anything that i requested you

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either answer your ticket so i can help you with it or request your refund before its too late


issue was resolved thats my bad, script works as described!

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