[Standalone / ESX] No jump in interiors

Hello everybody
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This is a small script for all of you that want to disable player jumping or running in interiors (like in police department, medical center and …)
i didn’t see any script like this being released, so here we go!

you can set a default option to disable either or both of them :

you can set any player character to be able to jump/run (or vice versa) in interiors

if you are using ESX (or ExM) , you can also make exceptions for any job (and also every single interior) if you want

you can get the interior info (in your Fivem F8 console) by a configurable command in your config.lua


Video :
(click here if video not working)

installation : just download the script from github, drag it to your resources folder and add it to your server CFG, [config as you want] ,done!

github link : https://github.com/ali-exacute/ex_nojumpinterior

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Would have been nice but it doesn’t work for me. It could be because I use a build version.

it should work fine on all builds , if you got any error , i would try to fix it

That’s the thing, there is no error message, but I can’t query the interior ID under F8, nothing comes up either

Very nice idea! Thx for sharing

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so when you enter the command, there is nothing printed out ?
it should give you something if you are in or not either way

Hello, in fxmanifest.lua change
client_scripts {





client_scripts {

Edit: And then it should work.

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