[ESX] Advancedneeds [AdvancedStatus]


Basically, esx_status , basicneeds and optionalneeds combined, but better !

This is a realistic script to make your Role play server , even better!

so what even is this script ? :
This script is basically Hunger / Thirst / stress / drunk / (or everything else you config) handler
with a lot more features :


Every action your character do in game , can reflect on how much food or water you drain overtime (this also apply to every other status aswell !)

Some examples that are already configured :
If you run, you will drain more water and food than just walking
If you sit, you will drain less water and food
If you sleep (sleep emote), you will lose your stress overtime
And a lot more (read below for all of the informations)

  • Top features :

    • Config usable items (no need to copy paste same piece of code over and over for usable items)

    • Automatic item creation for your database (more info : you can just configure the item you wanna add to your server , no need to even open SQL editors and manually do it, easy !)

    • Compatible with ESX V1.2 and V1.1

    • No SQL importing , everything is handled automatically

    • Provide backward compatibility for scripts that need esx_status

    • Automatic data transfer from esx_status

    • Unlimited amount of status can be configured (maybe you wanna add pee as an option for some reason? you can !)

    • Health regen system based on food/water (more information below)

    • Vomit on eating/drinking too much ! (configurable)

    • Support fivem natives inside config ! (dont have to write a single more code, just add it inside the config and done, more info below)

    • Support for animation (so for example : when you are sitting , you drain less water)

    • DRAIN SYSTEM (more information below)

  • General :

    • No Dependency (well , except ESX itself)

    • Compatible with almost all of the Hunger/Thirst UIs

    • Exports for developers to make use of this script where they want

  • Configs :

    • Alert on hunger / thirst / stress / drunk / etc.

    • Effect for hunger / thirst / stress / drunk / etc. (read more below)

    • Effect intensity (read more below)

Click here if video does not work

What is Health regen system ?
This , will make sure that players regen their health , in expense of draining more food and water
And its configurable (check config screenshots below if you wanna see how it works)

What do you mean by support fivem natives ?
If you are a developer or server owner , probably you are familiar with natives like IsPedSprinting or IsPedSittingInAnyVehicle.
Now you can just add any native you want, to do a specific thing for player status without coding anything!
there is a lot of them already included in the script
(check config screenshots below)

What is Drain system ?
This was the main point of this script when i started working on it
Like real life , if you start running , you will get hungry faster
Or if you are a car and its going fast , you will get stressed
Or you feel less stressed if you just chill (sit, sleep, etc.)

now with this script, you just dont lose the same amount of food/water (or everything else that you configured) the same at all the time
Are you climbing a mountain ? you will burn more food and water !
Are you sleeping ? you will burn less food and water !
And so on, you probably got the point already
There is also a lot of exports to make use of this script on your other scripts (i was thinking of an idea that you lose more water if you are in sandy shores for example !)

What is effect ?
you know how on default esx_status , you start loosing health so fast , if you are thirsty or hungry ?
now you can configure it to maybe instead of losing health when thirsty , you just cant sprint anymore ! (this idea was from RUST)
Or you cant punch as powerful as before because you are hungry!
Or maybe you are stressed and cant jump
And so on (check the config screenshots)

Effect intensity :
Effect have intensity (not all of them)
This mean , for example the shake screen effect , can be very harsh , or very little
This is automated on some of the functions ( like for stress system )
Or can be manually added in config
Effect intensity can be between 1 - 10

Now for the fun part, (1000 lines of config)

Config screenshots (click here)

(there is a little more animations but you got how it works by now)


Script usage can be vary based on how much stuff you add or remove
but on the default config , it use around 0.2 ~ 0.3 MS

There is no UI by itself

I already tried to configure everything as best as i can , but make sure to check and change everything by yourself before releasing it for your server

This script will alter users table to add status column (if not already there)

items will be automatically edited on database
so dont change anything that is already in config, just edit the config itself and restart the script

Also i highly recommend to backup your items table, before starting the script

If you want the UI, you can download it here : GitHub - ali-exacute/esx_statushud: Custom esx statushud for esx_advancedneeds

This script is not compiled or obfuscated , as i respect anybody that buy my script
but please, do not resell, rename, modify and sell, or share this script
This took me a lot of time to code, please respect my time and work :heart:

You can buy the script from my tebex store : Exacute Tebex Store

My other scripts :
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Hope you enjoy :snail:


Looks good, is there a way to disable stress? / use triggers for food and drink so we don’t have to add them to this addons specific config? Is the UI in the video part of the script too, or not?

thanks !

yes, you can disable anything you dont want (if you check config screenshots , you will see a lot more info than i wrote)

Yes, there is exports and events available to do this

No, the HUD is a customized version of esx_statushud

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Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

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nice script always :slight_smile:

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Kinda curious to when you mentioned it uses around 0.2 ~ 0.3 MS

You mean 0.20 - 0.30 or 0.02 - 0.03?

Big ass difference in how good it runs if its running that high.

0.20 ~ 0.30 MS
Its as optimize as it gets tho
and tbh ,its not high (because its like ~4 or more plugins in one)
check the config file , you will undrestand what i mean by “not high”

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I mean just because it’s 4 resources into 1 there is always a better way of doing things i just think for what it is 0.20 / 0.30 is terrible.

Agree 0.20~0.30 its huge, my esx_status 0.02, optionalneeds 0.01, basicneeds 0.01, custom stress system 0.01~0.02

i dont agree with it being “terrible” at all

there are a lot (i mean, A LOT) more codes and configs than all these scripts combined

lets break the script down a little bit :

there is a loop to handle drains that have some main conditions (wait : 0) :

  • animations : loop through all of the configured animations and check them with IsEntityPlayingAnim native

  • non natives : functions like high_car_speed, accident_in_car, is_player_aiming have to be here, because there is no “native” way to for ex. handle accidents and so on

  • natives : will automatically loop through all the natives (and arguments) you added in config

then, there is status updates (removing or adding status overtime) that also handle vomiting (wait : 50)

notifications and effect handler : (wait : 500)

health regenation system : add/remove drains and change health regen multiplier (wait : 100) [optional]

maybe these all can be a little bit more optimized (that i will take a look and fix in next update) but i dont think it can maybe get any better than ~ 0.20 ms even after the update

anyway , thank you for your feedback @YozzaGG and @bertux30 appreciate it
i will take another look and try to modify it as good as possible

I think you’ve done a great job. Thank you for taking something and making it better! I will be giving this a shot for sure

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New Update V1.1.0 :

Add : Support for multi-character systems

note : you can use your old config file

This is amazing. Thank you for making and releaseing this!

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Hi ! This is awesome ! Nice job.
Is there a way to die from starvation (food/drink)
Can’t seem to make it work on my own :confused:

Thank you
you can enable health lose on fadeouts , it will eventually lead to player dead (if they dont drink/eat)

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Hello, We currently run Advanced needs on our sever at the moment and for some reason the script is renaming the ‘Label’ of different items incorrectly (Applying the name to the wrong item) and also deleting items from the data base, is this something you have come across before?

script will change the label to item name that is in the same table

you can disable it completely if you dont want to use it

but for fixing this problem, i need more information to check what is happening

New Optional Update V1.1.1 :

Better compatibility for custom HUDs

note : you can still use your old config file

This update is optional, if script is working fine for you , you dont need to update !

Post Update :

For anybody that want to use the UI with AdvancedNeeds
here you go : https://github.com/ali-exacute/esx_statushud

New Update V1.2.0 :

Add : new config to disable database automatic update

Add : boneID for props

note : all new configs have been marked with [ NEW 1.2.0 ]