[Release] Night_meth buy and process meth using bt target

optimized way to implement meth into your server using bt target and mythic_progbars



druglabs by mrbrown

preview: Desktop 2021.07.04 -


nice job bro ! TY

Hey another amazing script using bt-target keep it up.

Damn bro I was looking for the tebex link! Didn’t realize this was free at first! Thank you for this!

  • Maybe add an SQL for the required items?

I get this error I go up and request the drugs??

nice script

Will check on that

Make sure you have the items in your database

is there a way player sell the meth? or can use it?

or can the player only make it at this point in time

Well I didn’t include a selling point since a lot of people use different methods, is up to everyone to see how they sell it and also the item usage there are a lot of free resources like that.

Would u know some that work as I have had no luck

those who want sql this may help XD

INSERT INTO items (name, label, rare, can_remove, weight) VALUES
(‘meth_base’, ‘Meth Base’, 0, 1, 1),
(‘meth’, ‘Meth’, 0, 1, 0.1),
(‘methbrick’, ‘MethBrick’, 0, 1, 0.1);

animations are not canceled, who knows how to fix them?