[PAID][QBCore]Kamkus weedplanting | Plant weed from everywhere

Welcome to the whole new world of weed planting.

The script opens up endless possibilities of growing
herbs throughout san andreas.
Do you want to grow herb in the street outside
the police station?
No problem, just don’t get caught,
maybe in a shed in the countryside?
I don’t think Uncle John will have a problem with that.
The script is based on bt-target
which means even more immersion.


  • [Specifications]:
  • Script even with 10 plants work with 0.0 ms
  • Easy to configure thanks to config file- Event system based on choices you make,
    better not mess up with choice you make!
  • Unlimited weed plants at one time.
    Plant as much, as you can handle,
    i couldn’t handle 5 but good luck!
  • The amount of the drug we get
    after cutting the plant depends on the quality
    of the tree, every mistake or omission of
    the event results in a loss of 10% of quality.
    If somehow it drops below 50%, the tree disappears,
    so be careful

Showcase: Showcase
!!! It was a script showcase.
The progress multiplier and the time
that the events show were extremely high.
You can freely change these values
in config :slight_smile: Please Read README file

  • Dependencies:
    -PolyZone: PolyZone
    -bt-target : bt-target
    all included in this pack

BUY : Tebex
ESX VERSION : [ESX]Kamkus_weedplanting

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Can you help me convert to qb-target please?