[Release] [Paid] Radar Gun

Hello everyone, I’ve now been working on this super cool radar gun for a few days and I’m excited to announce that it’s finished. Check out the preview video and let me know what you think.

Purchase here!


  • Change range
  • Use the scope that’s on the radar gun
  • Cool design
  • Enable/disable the crosshair
  • Enable/disable the plate reader
  • Change the measuring system
  • In-game key mapping



Does this replace a weapon? If so, which?

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Vintage pistol

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Yes it replaces the vintage pistol


Yes it’s standalone

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Looks good and price is reasonable

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Are you able to use this whilst above a vehicle? Like on a small hill/overpass next to the road? Other radar scripts I have seen don’t register vehicles within the radar if you are not on the same Z axis.

Currently it doesn’t, but I’ve got that to work on the new version. I will be updating it.

Is the speed limit it goes off at set by the user or does it go off what road you’re on?

Km/h or Mph ?

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You can change that in the config file.

It goes by the road you’re on.

Update 1.1
Fixed issue where AI would freak out when pointing the radar gun at them.
AI will now ignore you if you point the radar gun at them but they will freak out if you point any other weapon at them.

Purchased today. Far superior to the old radar script and reasonably priced. Only thing is seems to max out at 20m range regardless of config settings

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Thank you for your purchase, this bug is being worked on and will be fixed in the next update. I will notify you once I’ve finished that.

For those asking, you have a very similar script for free here: [Release] Radargun / Laser gun v1.1 - Huge Improvements and new UI! . It’s not the same since this has another options but it’s up to you!


So This one only for police?

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Well anyone can use it unless you want to set permission to a role.

Update 1.2

  • Optimized, went from average 0.50 ms to 0.07 ms.
  • You can now pickup vehicles that have different z coordinate only when not using the scope.
  • Other small changes.


  • Change css code to work with more resolutions.