[Release] [Paid] Radar Gun

Awesome the first thing I tried to do was use it from an overpass and couldn’t :sweat_smile:

I must’ve done something wrong in the latest version that causes the radargun to open only once, I will be updating this today.

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Fixed a recent issue, some minor changes in the code, and optimization.

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Great radar gun script.
First, the animation of this script is great!
second, When you aiming at the AI with this radar gun, they won’t freak out like the other radar gun that’s out there.
Third, the scope of this radar gun works perfectly.

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Doesn’t work very well on an ultra wide screen - 3440x1440p (34 inch ultra wide).

Readings don’t appear on the screen, and in the aiming view the center laser point is off to the bottom right whilst the lens on the radar is aligned to the left.

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Thank you for your feed back, this is being worked on and it will be receiving an update to support every resolution.

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Hi Andy - Could you post up once this update is done so I can let my community dev know to update it?

This update is now done, I’ve updated it to support every resolution if you have any more questions or concerns please let me know.

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Great script and good price. Just having a small issue.

ADS is showing like this for me. Could a hudcomponent native be interfering?

What exactly is the issue here?

The preview video shows being able to look down the scope and have the speed show up near the reticle. Its not even close

To look down the scope you’ll have to press Q by default which you can change in the gta settings.

Howdy, the RadarGun seems to stop working after a few seconds (after free aiming) with a GTAV Ped. When I used an MP Ped it worked completely fine. Also, when I was a GTAV ped and went into NoClip it solved the issues. By stop working I mean the RadarGun ceases to track vehicles, speed, plate, etc. When I lock onto another vehicle it does the same, and after a few seconds freezes. Hope this helps!

Thank you for your feedback this really helps me find and remove bugs. I will try to recreate the bug, see what’s causing it and try to fix it as soon as I can.