[Release] allcity_wallet [ESX]


Hi everyone !
Considering that we’re a VERY cool dev team :lying_face:, we’ve decided to share our work with you again ! (and we arent using ESX atm tho)

We want that the whole community can enjoy this script. ESX UI is very uggly, so we made this script.
This script allows you to change the display of your money, on your ESX server and to HIDE IT !

  • You will have to display “none” the standar ESX HUD to dont have two times : the display of the money.

  • The current KEY to open it the wallet is [K]

This script is made for role play servers mainly.
This script is made for ESX servers !
This script is fully editable, just do not forget to credit us.

Credits : @Kalu / @Kashnars / All City

Please don’t remove credits.
We will not update this script (we are not using ESX core anymore).

DOWNLOAD : https://github.com/AllCitySor/allcity_wallet


REQUIRE : https://github.com/ESX-Org/es_extended

To display none the ESX/Essential mode standar money HUD :

  1. Open essentialmode / ui.html

  2. Then find this

     <div id="starter" style="font-family: 'roboto'; color: white; position: absolute; left: 20%; top: 5%; width: 60%; background: rgba(40, 40, 40, 0.8)"></div>
     <div id="container">
         <div id="money">
             <div id="cash"/>

  1. Then delete this row`
<div id="cash"/>
  1. Then open es_extended / html / ui.html
  2. And delete this row
<div id="hud"></div> 

Ty to @Thaisen and @99kr for the short tutorial.

Important :

Hello, are you guys interested by our last ESX HUD (actually it display only your job at the top of your screen) Cause we were using the wallet. The if someone if interested feel free to tell me here, and we will release it if people ask for it

  • Not interested, ty
  • Interested, ty

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This is my first comment by I try to thank you

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We appreciated a lot, ty mate

Yeah nice work, thx for the share

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Ok everyone, we know the issue we made a huge mistake sending the wrong files. We’ll update this in few seconds sorry everyone !

noice apart from you fell into the ESX route…

EDIT : It was the wrong client file sorry guys ! You can download the update on our github (LINK IN POST)

Great work, for those who are just saying that ESX is trash, if you can just create a better framework :slight_smile: But if you’re trash talking in forums then I bet you cannot!

I dont know why you are saying this, we are actually working on our proper core (thats why we release this)

Mhh dont know if i did something wrong but it’s just spamming this in the console

https://gyazo.com/c43139f58f8990819b82cf7cf393eae5 @All_Sor

Are you using es extended too ?

Yeah i have everything i need i guess. I just dragged and dropped this and also updated the newest push from github

Ill take a look a bit later mate im actually working :slight_smile: If anyone else have an error, post it here please !

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lel, people that think ESX is the best have no brain!

ESX is the most used base script at the moment for the communities, show me where people developed their own base or not using that trashy vRP

Ok guys stop talking about esx here pls. We do not care if you like it or not, we release it because we do not really use it. And yes, a lot of people are using ESX. I do not see the point of denigrating, if it makes people happy, better no?

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I did not comment against ESX, that was the guy above me.

And im not talking about you mate :slight_smile: there’s just no clue to speak about esx feelings here

Yeah, true. have you fixed the bug?