[Release] [ESX] Inventory UI [1.3]

Hello I decided to make my first release since I haven’t really contributed to the community. Here is my Inventory UI.

Now working with weapons and it now has money. Credits To @Kalu / @Kashnars For Doing the money part, I just took their wallet script and remade it [Release] allcity_wallet [ESX] If you wan’t me to remove it please pm me

[UPDATE 1.2]
Added the function to drop money and black money and added so the job displays in the UI

[UPDATE 1.3]
You now only need to click on the item to select it :smile:

Preview https://streamable.com/esler

Download: https://github.com/t0sic/t0sic_inventoryui


No download

@Toxicbacon you just created a new topic, why? Just edit this topic. Use the pencil:

Nice Release :slight_smile:

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thanks man

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Is there an inventory limit ?

Already fan of it!


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Big credits for releasing this cool menu!

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How can I add weapons to this equipment

Have you read what the OP said ?

" it’s currently in alpha stage as there as some parts missing such as weapons showing and shwoing proximity items and picking up items from the ground."

the loop is set to 50 different kinds of items you can set it to whatever you wan’t but I doubt that you will need more than that

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does does not have a server lua http://prntscr.com/n8x9w4 @Toxicbacon

without the server, Lua will not remove any items from inventory or even work

The script doesn’t even have a server-sided script… it use the dropitem function from es_extended when you drag it to middle screen to drop the item …

yes sorry I forgot to remove it, it’s not needed

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then i have problem with items not dropping also items not being removed any input ?

please elaborate hard to know what’s wrong

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That’s a quite nice release, hope to see it’s progress.

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Just some suggestion…

  • transparent background because it’s too bright, we need to see the background, this blue background burn our eyes
  • Implement some animation when you open inventory
  • Actually we need to click and slide a little bit to be able to select an item (just clicking would be nice)
  • Add comment in CSS for the people that are not good in CSS
  • Being able to drag the item anywhere in the inventory
  • Add a visual grid for the item slot
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Will proabably do in future updates :slight_smile:

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Another suggestion that will make the item system easier, do a one line variable with all the things needed, such as item name, item weight, picture, description then it will be easy to edit and much more fixed.