[REDESIGN][ESX] KASHacters Multi Character

Hello everybody.
I’ve decided to release my design from esx_kashacters, because we have no further use for that.
Have fun with it.


  • Download the resource from GitHub (and of course read the README file)
  • Upload the SQL file that is included in the resource esx_kashacters.sql to your database (this is needed to know the last character a player was on.
  • Comment out the NetworkIsSessionStarted loop in essentialmode\client\main.lua (you can comment out the whole Citizen.Createthread() )
  • Put the esx_kashacters resource in your FiveM resource folder and edit in the esx_kashacters\server\main.lua file the first table at the top of your file to all the identifier columns and tables that are used for characters. Except user_lastcharacter
local IdentifierTables = {
    {table = "users", column = "identifier"},
    {table = "owned_vehicles", column = "owner"},
    {table = "user_accounts", column = "identifier"},

Download: Here

Credits to @KASH and to @onno204 for creating the script

Link of the original:Here



Very nice script.

Would you mind on sharing your needs (water, food, etc) and others ui?



Maybe in the future but so far we dont indend to release it

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what do you mean by comment out the NetworkIsSessionStarted

Go to essentialmode\client\main.lua line 6-16 and edit the code to this:

	while true do

		if NetworkIsSessionStarted() then

Do i comment out the brackets or the actual word that’s what i’m confused on

Why didn’t you do i your self

Because i dont have access to your essentialmode

Not to be mean

Ok now that makes scence

Only replace the code i sended to you with your code

Is that all i have to replace?

Do i have to worry about the stuff on the top?

Looks cool bro

Thx but the real credits are going to you, for the nice release :slight_smile:

What do you use to could just asking?

I don’t understand your question?

It doesn’t pop up with the multi character selection it just has the top bar and the background and that’s it

You need edit in esx_kashacters\server\main.lua the local IdentifierTables.
There you must fill in all you SQL Tables where the columns “identifier” or “owners” are.
For example

local IdentifierTables = {
    {table = "users", column = "identifier"},
    {table = "owned_vehicles", column = "owner"},
    {table = "user_accounts", column = "identifier"},

Can i just copy yours?