[QBCore][ESX][PAID] ik-atmrobbery


A more immersive way for ATM robbery where you need to attach a rope to your vehicle and ATM and begin pulling it.

Preview : https://youtu.be/L4TcG5DLx-0

Features :

  • Whitelisted vehicle classes
  • Immersive way of ATM robbery
  • Configurable amount of cash piles
  • Configurable type of money (markedbills / cash)
  • Police alerting
  • Multi language
  • You need to pull the rope and keep revving to get ATM out
  • Global cooldown for the next robbery
  • Multiple types of ATM’s are possible
  • Minimum amount of police requirement


  • Buy / Craft / Get a rope
  • Attach the rope to your vehicle
  • Attach the other end to ATM
  • Pull for given time to get the ATM out
  • Pick up the moneybags full of cash


:atm: ik-atmrobbery

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Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ± 500
Requirements None
Support Yes

Is this one synced between players?

Yes it is, all the items are synced from server side to all players.

This looks copied and you charge double the price??!?!

You are right, i didn’t see his resource but it looks like the same.
It’s up to you to decide wich one you want to buy right ?

There are dozens of resources that looks like the same (but are different in the way they work and are coded). What is the point of telling that it looks like the same and comparison with pricing ?

Which has it’s issues tho. When it comes to syncing it’s a mess.

⁠ik-atmrobbery v1.1.0 Update

  • Added hook to the rope for better animation
  • Changed the cooldown logic. Only 1 person can use the rope and cooldown will start counting after the console breaks
  • Added lucky items where you can setup luck percentage to get given item
  • Added config option for the export name to get core object

⁠ik-atmrobbery🏧 v1.2.0

  • Support for qb-core and esx framework
  • Added time to pull into config
    • Config.PullTime
  • Added support for multiple target systems
  • Added support for multiple drawtext systems
  • Added support for multiple notification systems
  • Added support for multiple progressbars
  • Added option to add blip for ATM recycler ped
    • Config.Ped.enableblip
    • Config.Ped.blip
  • Added option to trigger the dispatch event on a specific moment
    • Config.TriggerDispatch
    • choose betweeen when attached to atm or after pulling out the atm

after update this stopped working for me.

Can you give more info please ?
What has stopped and what doesn’t work ?
Do you get any errors ? If yes, what is the error ?
Have you updated every file including config ? Or did you put the new config items manually ?

i fixed my issues thank you.