[PAID][QBCore] Car Plate system written to database




(This is not a fake plate system, it changes your plate permanently!)
Change your car plates by using an item what you have created by the plate maker.
You can add this item to your donations system and give the item after a donation and the user can change one of his car plates which will be permanent, so it’s written to database.


qb-target - For targetting the ped

Config = {
    Pedspawn = true, -- Spawn a ped to use as plate maker
    usepayment = true, -- Do you want to charge player to create a plate
    useitemtopay = false, -- If you use payment, do you want to use an item as a payment method
    itemtopay = "starcoin", -- If u use an item as payment, which item should it be
    usemoney = "bank", -- If you don't use item, you want to charge the user bank or cash
    plateprice = 1500, -- What will be the price for a plate


  1. Give / Craft / Sell an empty vehicle plate
  2. Go to the “plate maker” ped and setup your custom plate
  3. You’ll get the new plate with your custom text on it back in your inventory
  4. Go and use it near your vehicle where you want to change the plate of
  5. The plate is changed, you can drive your vehicle with new plates and store in garage without any problem

Preview: ik-carplate FiveM car plate changer - YouTube

Purchase: https://i-kulgu.tebex.io/package/5152648

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 200+
Requirements qb-target
Support Yes
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Will be esx version?

I can create an ESX version of it.
Will do it once i have time.