[QBCore][ESX] A5 MRPD Projector Script - Slideshows, Videos and Pictures


The script is mainly written to be a projector in MRPD class room. It is used to showcase slides and any other link (including videos). The script is mainly used in relation with google slides where you can move to next slide or backward to previous slide. Simple yet very useful for Police RP.



  • Easy to use with commands or target
  • Can open google slides or any other link
  • In slides can go to next slide and previous slide
  • Script is expandable
  • Amazing for Police RP
  • Exposed code for target and commands


FiveM Escrow System

Script utilizes FiveM escrow system for main methods. Commands and Target is exposed and Shared config is also detailed


Code is accessible No/Config
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~1000
Requirements QBCore /ESX
Support Yes
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ESX version?


Currently only supporting QBCore. But we can add ESX versions soon to our store for all our scripts!


Not sure how u managed to have this utilize 1000 lines of code but for anyone that want a free non escrowed version with like 250 lines I found this on GitHub.

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Nice release!
I have considered to not release my script due to the fact that there are many such scripts out there. But they are mostly using ReplaceTexture which will work good for pictures and what not.
We are utilizing a DUI render screen which will have more options to use (IE the slideshows)

But I would urge anyone who doesn’t like the features in the script to go for the free one.
Thanks for sharing @refurb

A little bit of a comparison of the quality between two scripts

A5- Projector


can be cool a version for esx :slight_smile: i buy it instant.

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ESX Version Added: https://dev.a5rp.com/