[QB][ESX][Standalone] Advanced Cams


Advanced Police Cams System. Is a script aimed at providing your police with the ability to access cams through a unique UI where it displays all the available cams in the city. You have already more than 600 cams preconfigured with the ability to add more. Each location has a category with a grouped cam system so you can view all the cams in the area. The script also comes with a built-in Radar/Plate reader system. It will display the speed of the vehicles driving in street/highway cams with the ability to read the plate of the vehicle. Lastly, there is a screenshot system using screenshot-basic which will allow you to directly take a screenshot from the cam. The UI is scale-able, move-able, rearrange-able and unique. You can show/hide certain categories. You can view your camera history, screenshot history and radar history. All of this packed into one simple unique UI.


  • screenshot-basic
  • QBCore/es_extended (only for job checks)


  • More than 600 preconfigured cameras
  • Toggle Camera Qualities
  • Toggle Camera zoom/move
  • Toggle Camera Plate Reader
  • Easy to add new cameras and category
  • Unique UI
  • Customizeable icons and color per category
  • Easy config including everything you need
  • Camera, screenshot and radar history
  • Changeable map background


Config Preview:

More Screenshots

FiveM Escrow System

The script fully utilizes FiveM Escrow System. Main part of code is not accessible. The rest is exposed through config and other functions like commands and job checks.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~1000
Requirements Screenshot-basic
Support Yes

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Nice work! Looks amazing :smiley:

This looks amazing, haha. I think about getting it, but i’m unsure, cause i dont want the police to become OP. I need advice.

You can always disable specific cams. Give Police the Cams they need only.


Yes, already bought it, really well done.

Only thing, on QB, there isnt a target option, like the dashcam script from you or atleast we didnt see it.
And we clicked through everything and after some time using it and switching cams, we got stuck on one camera in the mrpd, we both had the same camera showing, no matter what camera we clicked on it always showed the one in the dispatch room.

Weird. Do you remember which camera caused the system to break ? I can look into it as I never got this error while testing.

Regarding qb-target. I have included the event you need to trigger you can just make your own polyzone using that trigger. However, we will add it in the future update.

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amazing !

Is there any chance to buy the sourcecode?


At the current time we will not be sharing our source code.
However, the whole system is configurable easily through the config and exposed files. Only core elements are escrowed

Looks amazing :+1:

A5 back at it

Nice work! Looks amazing :smiley:

can you tie it to specific locations and not a command?

You can disable command and use the target system which is included in the script itself.

Great work! Looks preatty, it works with onesync infinity??

Yes. It was developed on onesync infinity.

How many for the sourcecode?

Website buy link is down?

Currently store is down for scripts re-haul. We will relaunch soon.

Is it possible to get a way for cameras to be restricted to a job.
[0] = {location = “MRPD”, x = 433.25845336914, y = -978.44812011719, z = 33.743709564209, h = 116.2878036499, IsDisabled = false, job = "police, ambulance},

[1] = {x = 424.03778076172, y = -996.80932617188, z = 34.468765258789, h = 113.70291137695, IsDisabled = false, job = “police”},

So the top would allow Ambulance and Police to access the camera. The bottom would only allow police