[PAID] A5 Outfits System [QBCore]


This script consist of Two-in-One script. And Outfit System and Clothing Toggle System. The Outfit System provides players with the ability to save their outfits and quickly change them in clothing stores (or houses) through a nicely-designed UI. The Clothing Toggle System provides Players with the ability to remove certain clothing through a simple UI with amazing camera transition.


  • QBCore


Outfits System

  • Great Simple UI
  • Add/Remove Outfit
  • Add custom names to your outfits
  • Pick a color for your outfit icon
  • Search Function
  • Wear Animation
  • Clothing stores Polyzones included
  • Open menu using command or Trigger
  • Store up to 30 outfits

Clothing Toggle System:

  • Great Simple UI
  • Smooth camera transition
  • Remove clothing animation
  • Toggleable single clothing (no more commands)
  • Refresh your skin directly from the UI

The script is fully customizable through the Shared Config provided.


A5 Scripts - Outfits System [QBCore] - YouTube

Config Preview:

More Screens from our Server Using the Clothing Toggle Camera Mode

FiveM Escrow System

The script fully utilizes FiveM Escrow System. The entire code is not accessible but the config is more than enough to have everything you need changed!


Special thanks to Dullpear_dev for his dpclothing resource. We used it for 2 Years on our server and finally it took a backburner to the new script.


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2500
Requirements QBCore
Support Yes

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UI looking :fire:

Keep up the good work man!

Just asking, how many clothing pieces would there be possible, and custom clothing too?



Thank you for your kind words.
The Outfits systems can save up to 30 clothing. We find that to be a good number without breaking the json database.

No I get that, but I ment how many clothing pieces are available.

Like Supreme Hoodie etc.

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Not sure what do you mean by that, this is not clothing pack so there are no streamed files! Only a script to save outfits like a wardrobe!

Keep going man , I love you woorkkk :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

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:heart: :heart: Thank you for your support @xiDrFx

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