[QBCore][ESX] A5 Active Officer Hub


A5 Police HUB is the ultimate Active Officers List you need on your server. It provides you with a list of your active officers with thier callsigns and Duty status. In addition to that it has other functions such as showing if officer is on-foot, in vehicle or Helicopter. It shows the current radio the officer is connected to with the ability to switch to that radio with a click of a button. You can also know the location of the officer by setting a waypoint using the button included. Officers can go on and off duty directly from the hub or change their callsigns. The UI is scalable and moveable. So you have the ultimate control over it.


  • QBCore/es_extended
  • pma-voice
  • OneSync


  • Unique elegant UI
  • Resmon 0.0ms
  • View all online officers
  • View Officers Duty status
  • View Officers Connected Radio
  • Go on/off duty from the UI
  • Change callsign from the UI
  • Connect to officer radio button
  • Mark officer location button
  • Plug and Play Resource


A5 Scripts - Police Hub [QBCore][ESX] - YouTube

Config Preview:

More Screenshots


FiveM Escrow System

The script fully utilizes FiveM Escrow System. The entire code is not accessible but the config is more than enough to have everything you need changed!


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~1500
Requirements QBCore/Pma-voice
Support Yes

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Please release for esx too

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esx please

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esx plis


We are working on ESX Version. Will announce soon

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We have released the ESX version of the script