[QB][ESX] 🚗 east - Vehicle Shops V2 (Search Bar, Responsive NUI)

🚗 Vehicle Shops V2 - east

Advanced Vehicle Shops | A unique vehicle shop system that allows you to examine the vehicle in detail and customize it before purchase.

This system does not require any additional dependencies other than the ESX or QBCore framework, and also this system is perfectly optimized, so everything works smoothly and reliably.

Resource usage:



Create as many dealerships as you want - Shops are easily created and managed in configuration file.
Beautiful and responsive interface - the system is designed keeping in mind different types of screens, their sizes and resolutions.
Vehicle search engine - This system has a search box that allows you to easily find the vehicle you are looking for.
A lot of vehicles are already included - The system already has a list of about 300 ready vehicles.
Supports all types of vehicles - This system supports car, motorcycle, airplane, helicopter and boat dealerships.
Change vehicle's color before the purchase - Players can change vehicle's primary, secondary and even pearlescent colors by using color pallets.
Preview vehicle from all angles - the player can easily rotate the vehicle in both directions with the help of the arrow keys.
Easily configurable - All translations, shops, vehicles and prices are easily configurable in a config file. You can preview it here ESX config or QBCore config!

You can purchase it here!

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Code is accessible Both Options Available
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) lua ~700 (with config); js ~400
Requirements ESX or QBCore
Support Yes

looks great but is there no test drive function?

Hey, no, might be implemented soon.

Yeah, categories are fully configurable through the config.

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wish this was qb-target compatible!

I wish I knew this didn’t pull from shared.lua now I have to add all my cars again to this.