[QB][ESX] πŸš™ east - Driving School (Live theory exam scenes)

πŸš™ Driving School - east

Driving School | A unique driving school system that allows live analysis of traffic situations, answering theory questions based on real situations. The system is also protected against misuse by school vehicles.

This system does require some additional dependencies for the ESX or QBCore framework, this system is perfectly optimized, so everything works smoothly and reliably.

Resource usage when not in action:


Resource usage when in menu or exam:



Create as many scenes for theory exam as you wish - Theory exam scenes are easily created with the help of a configuration file, you can choose the camera angle and the configuration and quantity of cars.
Protection from abusers - After receiving the learning vehicle, it is necessary to drive according to the route, at the prescribed speed limit, if the student maliciously avoids these rules, after reaching a certain number of mistakes, the car will be confiscated and he will be returned to the driving school (Configurable).
Questionnaire before the practice exam - Before driving player gets to answer real situations practice questions about the vehicle and only after answering these questions correctly player can proceed to driving.
Practice exam driving route - Practice route as well as translations, questions, speed unit etc. are easily editable through the config file, you can preview them here ESX config or QBCore config!

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Code is accessible Both Options Available
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~600
Requirements ESX : esx_license
QBCore : qb-cityhall
Support Yes
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Very nice script!

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Thank you☺️

Can I in theory make a flight/boat school or is that a future plan?

It’d require a little bit of code editing, but it is definitely possible.

It is pretty awesome however there is no where to edit the vehicle so you cant change the gas system or change key system. Unless I’m missing something do I have to get the non escrowed just to adjust those 2 things?

You can edit the vehicle, not key system, but why would you need to edit gas system?

Will this script work with advancedparking and where does the cars spawn? Are they spawning on the actual map?

Hello, garage system has nothing to do with this system so it will work just fine, vehicles spawn on the actual map but locally, so no there is no impact on other players.

Do you get the liscense as an item?

You need to claim item from qb-cityhall.

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ok cool thanks

Solid script . definately worth paying for open source aswel . discord support is top tier aswell . 9/10 only because no flight liscence include but could be done with some light work

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Thank you for the review!:relaxed:

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Is it possible for you to upload or make an edit where its possible for it to make you take it so a test for Cars, another test for Motorcycles, And trucks?

Or maybe a tutorial on how people can do it them self?