[FREE] [QB][ESX] πŸ“Ί east - HUD (player status & speedometer)

πŸ“Ί HUD- east

Player Status & Speedometer | This hud is adapted to two frameworks (QBCore and ESX) and supports both metric and imperial units of measurement.

HUD is optimized and does not overload your server and uses very little of its resources.

Resource usage:


In game preview:


Display Player Status - Health, armour, hunger & thirst.
Vehicle Info - Speed (configurable units) & fuel level.
Seatbelt - Togglable through the export ( exports['east_hud']:seatbelt(true/false) ).

You can download it here!

πŸ’» Download (GitHub)!

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It doesn’t support stress that comes with QB on default?

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yeah lol I will update it, made it for esx first and totally forgot about that, thank you for noticing :smiley:


woooooow nice work

in config can we turn on the map when player walking ?


Hello, could you please help me? when add exports[β€˜east_hud’]:seatbelt(false) the seatbelt still here, dont u know how to fix that? Thank you bro. Really nice script btw, i love this one

thanks a lot, no, not yet, I think I will add it, nice idea!


what do you mean by that? This export only affects the icon (only visual changes are being made)

Ouch, im retarded, fixed now, but thanks for help of yours!!

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Does it support esx_legacy

Hey, yes it does

Hello, very good launch but I have a query… Is it possible to leave the map permanently?

Hey, what do you exactly mean by that?

That the map is always either walking or in a vehicle to that

Right now hud makes no effect to radar. So it will be there all the time.

Adding a hidden and open hud function is perfect

Awesome, so clean :sparkling_heart:

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I will make it as an export.

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love the UI any plans to make it show the location and change the minimap?

Hey, no, I am not planning doing that.

I found a small discomfort, when you are in the co-pilot you cannot see the HUD inside the vehicle (players told me that it is necessary to see if they have the seat belt on and speeds)