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This is my gym script. It keeps track on your characters stats. If you workout then you will gain stats, the same with if you don’t workout you will loose stats.


  • Very easy to add new workout places, just add the vector3 to config.lua and you’re good to go.

  • All texts are customizable through the locales folder, so it’s easy to translate to your desired language.

  • Keeps track of the following stats:
    - Stamina
    - Strength
    - Lung Capacity
    - Shooting
    - Driving
    - Wheelie

  • Workouts implemented:
    - Benchpress
    - Pull-ups
    - Barbell curls
    - Sit-ups
    - Push-ups
    - Yoga

  • Easy to add custom Shower Locations and Lockers for changing clothing, just add the vector3 to the config.lua.

  • Performance is highly optimized, it’s a big script with a lot of functionalities.

[ Dependency ]

  • QB Core

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| Code is accessible | No
| Subscription-based | No
| Lines (approximately) | 1000
| Requirements | qb-core

Support Yes
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Bro, why are you selling free script?!

I’ve made this script so I’m not selling a free script. If there’s free scripts out there with the same features then that’s fine by me :slight_smile:

What menu of clothes do we use? Both scripts are amazing!

Thank you! Not sure what youo mean by both scripts, this is only one script. It’s the standard qb-clothing that’s used.

I have one suggestions for this scrip. Do a SetEntityPosition(ped, x,y,z) and SetEntityHeading(h) for each location. Forcing the player to use the animations exactly where they are supposed to. No matter where you decide to select the work from.

Yeah I was thinking about that as well but then it will need vector4 in the config instead of vector3 and then it’s way easier for people to screw up the config, but I might re-add this if you want me to :slight_smile:

I think it would improve the overall presentation of the script!

Thank you for the tips GritGod! I’ve added vector4 support in the config now for PullupSpots and BenchPressSpots, I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

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I will test now!

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Such an amazing script!

Actually delete that. lol Umm the yoga is glitching out after 1 use. Are the markers too close?

actually all vector 3 used exercises are not working for me now.