[PAID] Wendigo Order System

Wendigo Order System


  • Supports both QB and ESX
  • Easily editable from detailed config file.
  • You can create a combo menu.
  • You can create a coupon via the Boss menu, set the redemption limits and apply the coupon on the products in the cart.
  • You can hire and fire new employees and make authorization arrangements on employees via the boss menu.
  • Every time you make a sale, the products will fall into the boss menu and you can delete them as you wish and print the invoice again.
  • Does not keep any sql files and does not impose a server-based load on your server.

Purchase (14.99€ + Tax)

Code is accessible No (Certain Files)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements baseevents
Support Yes

Love it, just clicked on tebex and its a complete different price to what you have advertised?
You have 14.99 but its 17.99

Hi Aiden26, we publish as price + tax and the price changes due to tax.


ahh i gotchu no worries

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hey is it only boss that can print receipt’s?

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Nope, anyone with the permissions to open Boss Menu. (It can be changed in config and database(data.json) file.)

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i brought it joined your discord (MickeyGreen)

is this a wholee new payment system or just a calculater, which there’s nothing wrong I would still want it i just don’t want to change my payment system. so in other words does it work with other payment system like jim-payments?

:fire: :fire: :fire:

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Hi, our payment system is not connected to any system, it checks and withdraws the money acording to the selected payment method with framework functions.


  • Now admins will be able to add menus and add items.
  • Fixed issues with not updating when new workers are added.


  • Now you can add workers with player id, you can turn it off and on from config.
  • An option has been added to config where you can choose where to add the money, you can edit it as open source via shared.lua.
  • Fixed the issue where receipts could not be used in ox_inventory.

does it support QS inventory?

Anything that requires a framework is open source, you can edit it, if you can’t edit it, we can help.