[PAID] Wendigo Garage

Wendigo Garage


  • Supports both QB and ESX
  • Easily editable from detailed config file.
  • You can rename the cars in your garage, add them to favorites and filter your garage by favorites only.
  • You can share your car keys and delete these keys.
  • You can organize the categories in the car market as you like, with a few adjustments you can also use the car market as a job garage or car rental.
  • You can change all the colors.

Purchase (14.99€ + Tax)

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500+
Requirements PolyZone
Support Yes

too fckn good :skull_and_crossbones:


Nice script

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This time support for other Resolutions?

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so far the only resolution issue we have had was with the mini-map’s frame and we fixed that immediately, so as long as there are no resolutions we can’t try, you shouldn’t have any problems with any of them.

Because since months i am waiting for the Hud fix etc. and you never deliver it. This is why i am asking :slight_smile:

I can’t prove it because our transcript data is gone, but the day after we released hud we solved all the resolution problems, I think you are missing something.