[PAID] Wendigo GPS

Wendigo GPS


  • All colors can be changed.
  • You can add and delete as many departments as you like.
  • With the search bar, you can search for a person and find them easily.
  • It comes with support for 5 different languages: EN, DE, FR, PL, TR
  • You can mark a person’s location, connect to their radio and watch their bodycam.
  • The blips that appear on the map change for helicopters, vehicles and vehicles with sirens on.

Purchase (9.99€ + Tax)
Purchase Open Source (19.99€ + Tax)

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Wendigo Subscription

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 250+
Requirements None
Support Yes
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nice one, congratulations guys

So we’ve noticed with OneSync, player blips are not very useful due to the way it handles instancing players in various parts of the map (IE, a staff member trying to find a players blip won’t see any blips for players not near them. Does this work across the whole map or does it have the same issue?

It works with OneSync. Covers the whole map

Hey team this scripts looks amazing we are wanted to know if this would possibly run on a vMenu based server as we would love to use your services on our server


yes you can use it and there will be no problem

Awesome can’t wait see it in action thanks man

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i bought the script for esx but didnt work for me
the script containe an item or command ? also is there a specific grade to open it ?

Hi khalilbwin, contact us and we will help you