[PAID] Wendigo Ui Kit V2

Wendigo Ui Kit V2


  • Supports both QB and ESX
  • Easy and Detailed Configuration
  • Animated and Responsive Design
  • Contains Notification, Progress Bar, Interaction, Text UI and Context Menu.
  • You can change all the colors.


  • Notification: shows the notifications that the person should receive on the screen.
  • Progress Bar: shows the action the person is taking and puts a waiting time on the action.
  • Interaction system: when interacting with a player, for example sending a dance request, it determines whether the other player accepts the request or not (you may not use this for interaction between players).
  • Text UI: appears so that the person can interact with anything.
  • Context Menu: a detailed menu for people to make a choice etc.

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Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500+
Requirements None
Support Yes
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Love this! Fair price as well. Always wondered why ui developers wouldnt put out a complete kit. Im missing the eye with ui though.

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What is this written in? HTML, Svelte, React?

Hi Stroudy, we write all our scripts with React

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